Significant update for SmallHD on-camera monitors

Written by RedShark News Staff

SmallHDHD waveform analysis comes to the 501 and 502

SmallHD’s recently released 501 and 502 Full HD on-camera monitors have just had a fairly extensive free v1.0 firmware upgrade that adds a lot of worthwhile new features.

The new features start with Image Capture of up to 1080p raw images from the live camera feed, while Image Overlay lets users load any JPEG — including an image capture — from the SD card and display it at varying opacity levels over the live camera feed. This is a nice way to provide an instant comparison between two shots and can be a Godsend for continuity.

New analysis tools, meanwhile, include HD Waveform which displays monitor luminance or individual RGB levels in HD resolution, and on-screen Audio Meters accompanied by Audio Line Headphone Output.

Canon DSLR Scale enables the entire screen to be filled with the image when using Canon DSLRs, an Auto Image Flip function automatically orients images right-side-up even when the monitor is mounted up-side-down, and wide screen shooters will probably appreciate the Anamorphic De-squeeze that displays a normal image even when shooting with anamorphic lenses.

There’s also now access to the Display Calibration LUT within each monitor, allowing the user to replace the factory-generated Rec.709 color calibration with another 3D LUT.

The update is available now from the SmallHD website.

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