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Royalty free broadcast animation content specialist Digital Juice has launched new lifetime memberships — schemes which provide users with all-you-can-eat content for as long as they can use it.

The lifetime membership scheme has been set up to give the creative industries access to what it claims is the world’s largest privately owned library of high-quality royalty-free animations, still graphics, stock footage, sound effects, production music and project templates. It describes itself as being ‘like Netflix for creative content’, but we would probably say it’s more like a Shutterstock or Getty Images for everything you might need to make moving images.

Thee are two levels of lifetime membership, Standard and Pro, which cost $399 and $599 respectively and the company promises absolutely no monthly payments or yearly fees above and beyond those prices.

Membership gives access to a range of content such as HD animated backgrounds, animations and overlays; music & sound FX; Matte Magic HD animated mattes; graphic frames & borders, and quite an impressive amount more.The company has also set up a dedicated iTunes-esque app, the Juicer, where users can get access to all of this in a rationally structured manner.

Full details in the press release over the page.

Download what you want when you want it
Digital Juice Lifetime Membership Subscription Service Launches Today

Lake Mary, FL, May 29, 2015 - Today, Digital Juice announced the official opening of its much anticipated royalty-free creative content subscription service. This service gives filmmakers, motion graphics artists and graphic designers access to download anything in its huge library -- absolutely free! Members have unprecedented access to the the world’s largest privately owned library of high-quality royalty-free animations, still graphics, stock footage, sound effects, production music and project templates for a groundbreaking one-time low price.

Anyone can have complete access to the Digital Juice library by joining as a Lifetime Member for a one-time fee of $399 for a Standard Account or a one-time fee of $599 for a Pro Account. Thousands of pieces of fresh new creative content are added every week -- all professionally produced, exclusive to Digital Juice and completely royalty-free. There are no monthly payments, and no yearly fees. A single, one-time payment gives the joining member the ability to download whatever they want, whenever they want it, for life.  

“Imagine getting a head start on all your creative projects,” says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. “That's what Digital Juice is all about -- providing you with the content and the creative inspiration you need to take your vision from concept to completion. It’s the perfect place to start every creative project, no matter what the size or budget.”

It all starts with a fast, sleek, new Digital Juice Store, accessible to members directly on the web or from the company’s new iTunes©-like Juicer application, available for your desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. “You can download and install the Juicer application on any work and home computers, or even on your mobile devices, which makes it convenient when you bring work home or need to take it on the road, “ says Viv Beason, President of Digital Juice. “Imagine going to your client’s office to get approval on creative. You can have the client preview and approve content directly from your Juicer-installed iPad, eliminating stress and making you look professional. You can then click the download button on your iPad and automatically have the content waiting for you on your edit suite.”

In fact, Digital Juice is not just one store. Digital Juice has organized content into multiple stores so that video editors, motion designers, graphic artists and web professionals can quickly and easily pinpoint content designed specifically with them in mind. Plus there are specialty stores for all major creative applications, and hundreds of timesaving Theme & Style Zones. Each Zone is like a curated search that makes finding content with a specific look or for a certain topic easy, and completing any project more fun and stress-free.

Rounding out the Digital Juice experience is the Community, where members can interact with and follow each other, ask questions, get support and advice, and continuously get the latest creative inspiration, training, Digital Juice news, application updates, and most importantly, be alerted when new content is released. “Its part of my morning routine, I get my coffee, I check my Digital Juice [Community], see what’s new and there are eight to ten new categories,” says Chris Horton, Pilot (beta) Member. “Its just a part of my day now!”

What’s Included in a Digital Juice Membership:

Standard Lifetime Membership - $399

  • • HD Animated Backgrounds
  • • HD Animations
  • • HD Wipes & Transitions
  • • HD Lower Thirds
  • • HD Overlays
  • • HD Stock Footage
  • • Music & Sound FX
  • • High-Res Graphic Backgrounds
  • • 2K Seamless Textures & Patterns
  • • People & Object Photos w/Transparency
  • • Motion & Graphic People Silhouettes
  • • Matte Magic HD Animated Mattes
  • • Graphic Frames & Borders

Pro Lifetime Membership - $599

  • • Everything included in Standard Plan
  • • After Effects Projects & Templates
  • • Animated Shoulder Sets
  • • Hi-Res Layered Photoshop Files
  • • Special FX & Compositing Footage
  • • Multi-Track Music & Hi-Definition SFX
  • • Final Cut Pro X & Motion Projects
  • • Sony Vegas Pro & Premiere Pro Projects
  • • 4K Seamless Textures & Patterns
  • • Vector Design Elements
  • • Entry-Loop-Exit HD Lower Thirds
  • • Entry-Loop-Exit HD Overlays
  • • HD Drag & Drop Overlay Footage

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