4K action short and BTS from JVC's upcoming GY-LS300

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

JVC / Delimex / Redshark NewsJVC GY-LS300 in Heist 2

In a follow-up from an earlier article, JVC has again partnered with Delimex to produce a 4K short that shows off the new GY-LS300 camera.

Back in January, we ran an article featuring first footage from JVC's 4K MFT mount, super 35 sensor GY-LS300. JVC enlisted the aid of Delimex, a Beligian equipment sales and rental house, to produce the action short Heist. The short did an admirable job of putting the GY-LS300 in a good light, but was shot in HD. Many were left wondering how the camera would perform as a 4K shooter.

JVC and Delimex are back with Heist 2, which may answer your questions concerning the GY-LS300. While it's true that you won't really know if you like JVC's new camera until you've had a chance to operate it and play with the footage, this short does deliver pleasing 4K images (for those with a 4K monitor to view them).

Check out 'Heist 2' below. And don't miss two behind-the-scenes videos featuring the GY-LS300 on Page Two!

Heist 2: Behind the Scenes Videos

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