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NAB 2015: Marshall adds to monitor family and releases powerful mini mixer

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Marshall Electronics/RSPacking a lot into 7 inches: the new V-LCD70-AFHD

Marshall Electronics has a new addition to its 7” monitor family, the V-LCD70-AFHD, while offshoot MXL Microphones has taken the wraps off what looks like a usefully capable portable audio mixer for mobile phones, tablets, DSLRs and computers.

The V-LCD70-AFHD includes an impressive range of features including multiple inputs, Picture-in-Picture, Image Flip, Screen Markers, Peaking Filter, False Color and Zebra filters.

The screen is a bright 500 cd/m2 with a 700:1 contrast ratio. The menu is fully accessible from the front of the monitor, where adjustments can be made to colour, exposure, picture orientation, or the aspect ratio of the image can be tweaked from full screen to 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9. The company reckons that it’s aimed at the videographer who moves between HD, 3G, and analogue formats and thus needs a monitor that can adapt to fit.

Here’s a list of the key features:

  • One HDMI input that is HDCP compliant
  • 3G-SDI input/loop-through output
  • Composite and component inputs/outputs
  • Image Flip (Flip image display)
  • False Colors adds visual filtering to determine IRE levels in the image.
  • High resolution 1024X600 panel
  • Accepts two channels of embedded audio
  • Stereo headphone jack

The MM-4000 Mini Mixer+, meanwhile, is a sub-6in mixer that lets users record audio to a device using up to four electret microphones simultaneously, essentially turning four analogue inputs into one analogue or digital output.

The unit has two distinct sides: one outputs analogue through a TRRS jack, thereby connecting to any mobile device; the other has a digital output that allows it to work with iOS devices using Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. It is also compatible with devices running Android Lollipop OS that accept digital audio in.

Here’s the key features list:

  • Headphone jack for direct audio monitoring
  • USB for power and/or data
  • Line level out for mobile devices; record to mobile device and monitor audio from same jack
  • Adjustable output for line level
  • Multiple power options: 2 AA batteries or powered by USB bus into a wall adapter, USB battery pack or by a computer or mobile device
  • low battery indicator
  • Turns all four inputs into mono out for computer or mobile device

MSRP is $249.95 and it’s expected to debut in Q3 2015.

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