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Samsung NX500: Interchangeable lens 4K camera for $800

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Samsung / RedShark NewsSamsung NX500: 4K camera, interchangeable lens, $800...

Hot off the heels of its NX1 4K camera in a compact DSLR form, Somsung releases its little cousin, the NX500, in an even more compact shape, yet still featuring many of the same specs as the NX1, including 4K capture.

There was a time when Samsung cameras weren't as highly regarded as they are today. Even advance news of the 4K shooting Samsung NX1, which is clearly aimed at video shooters, was met with as much skepticism as hope. When the camera came out, there was some controversary as to the quality of its video mode, pitting EOSHD's Andrew Reid, who favorably reviewed the NX1, with other reviewers who were much more critical.

Regardless of these differing reports (or perhaps because of them), the Samsung NX1 has begun capturing the interest of low-budget filmmakers. For those who might balk at the Samsung NX1's price tag (which is still pretty reasonable at $1,499 with a kit lens), the company has just released the NX500, a 4K camera available now for $799.99 at major retailers.

You may remember that the Panasonic LX100 arrived at the tail of last year and billed itself as a compact point-and-shoot 4K camera for $899. The Samsung NX500 is around $100 cheaper, yet isn't a fixed lens shooter like the LX100. In fact, the NX500 is, in a sense, much more like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, if it captured 4K footage.

For that surprisingly small $800, NX500 comes with its own kit lens, which covers the same range as the NX1's kit lens (16-50mm APS-C, comparable field of view to 24-75mm full frame), but it's a couple stops slower (f2-2.8f vs f3.5-5.6, respectively). Both cameras use the same 28.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and DRIMe V Image Signal Processor. Both are capable of both 4K DCI and UHD capture and have similar articulating touchscreen LCD displays.

So far as the differences, the beefier NX1's photo burst mode is 15fps, versus 9fps for the more compact and cheaper NX500, which also doesn't retain the 120fps FHD recording of the NX1. The NX500 is definitely more of a consumer product, as it's not weather sealed like it's big cousin.

If weather sealing and photo burst rates aren't huge selling points for you, the Samsung NX500 could be a great option for the budget-conscious or for those who want an inexpensive 4K 'B' cam for shoots. It's consumer-ish form factor also means it might be an attractive 'incognito' camera, for those times when discretion is a must. Of course, product pics and specs are great, but we really won't know how good the NX500 really is until we get it in our hands, which should be soon.

Don't miss the Samsung NX500 teaser video from popular retailer B&H below. And be sure to check out more coverage on the Samsung NX500 and other exciting cameras everyday at RedShark News!

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