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Beautifully Shot and Edited Lurpak Commercial

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LurpakAmazing Lurpak Commercial

Last year I posted a short piece about a commercial for Lurpak that really caught my eye. They have made others in a similar style and the latest one is running in Cinemas with Interstellar, it's easy to see why

 Lurpak have hit on a great format for advertising their Cooks Range of products. A brilliant combination of High Speed Cameras, Motion Control, Great Music and the gravelly voice of Rutger Hauer.

I went to see Interstellar last week at the Cinema and this commercial was running before the film (nice placement guys)  you know a commercial is good when as soon as you've seen it you want to see it again so I looked it up on YouTube, only to discover it's been out since April.

I think this whole series of commercials is excellent and look forward to more, although they must take quite some time to make. Check out the commercial below

If you would like to know more about the technology behind the ad here is another article I wrote last year about The Marmalade, the company who provide the motion control systems.

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