Atomos enters battery market with Power Station

Written by Andy Stout


Power to the people: Atomos bills its latest accessory as meaning that cameramen will never be left without power in the field, powering multiple devices and giving endless hot swapping of commodity camera batteries.

While perhaps not an end to all power struggles for all time, the Power Station is certainly an innovative product and one that CEO, Jeromy Young, seems rightly proud of.

“The Power Station is the Anton Bauer for the masses,” he says. “With Power Station we’ve solved perhaps the biggest problem of all – the need for an endless supply of power. You don’t need massive batteries or multiple batteries for different devices anymore. The Power Station allows you to use smaller lighter more affordable camera batteries…It also doubles as a super-fast charger for your batteries – finally a complete solution.”


The unit is a dual battery device with connections to power up to three DC devices and two USB devices simultaneously. Dual DC outputs and an included splitter cable allow powering of up to three DC devices on the rig. With a maximum output of 5A, the Power Station allows users to charge an entire rig from DSLR & lighting to monitors and Atomos recorders. Meanwhile the dual USB power source allows users to charge a single high powered 2A device (such as an iPad) or two lower powered 1A devices with two included 2600mAh batteries, which the company points out is enough juice to charge an iPhone5 from 0 to 100%, three times over.

And, if you need more power, just swap the dead primary battery for a new one while the secondary continues the job.

Independent left and right LED displays on the front of Power Station give a quick five-step visual guide on the power remaining for each battery from 100% down to 10%. And there are also DC Adapters available for popular cameras including the A7s, GH4, 5DMKIII, FS700, C100 and more.

 Pricing is $295 and Atomos says it will ship at the end of October.


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