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Beautiful Sony FS700 Aerial Slow Motion

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Yannick BartheYannick Barthe showreel

Yannick Barthe, aviation cinematographer, delivers once again with his captivating 'Best of' slow motion showreel.

We have featured aviation cinematographer Yannick Barthe on Redshark before. His ability to shoot great looking footage and edits without gimmickry is superb.

Recently, he put together a collection of slow motion shots taken from the AIR14 air show with his Sony FS700. Impeccably framed, anyone who has tried to film jet fighters will know how hard it can be, and Yannick just seems to have a natural ability!

Here are Yannicks' notes on the video:

Back from AIR14 in Payerne with a lot of amazing footage recorded in slow motion and normal speed. This video is a best of my aerial slow motion sequences filmed in Payerne AIR14.

Breathtaking sequences like you never seen before. Enjoy !

Have a look on my videos of AIR14 on my special channel : vimeo.com/channels/air14

Filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe yannickbarthe.ch

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