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Cooke Optics to extend lens range

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Cooke Optics

Cooke Optics is planning to extend its Anamorphic/i lens range, as well as adding new focal lengths to its miniS4/I and 5/i ranges.


The company’s Anamorphic/i range will benefit from 25mm and 135mm lenses which are expected to start shipping towards the end of 2014, followed by 180mm and 300mm lenses in 2015. The company is also planning to add a 21mm lens to both the miniS4/i range and the 5/i series.

It’s all part of a general period of growth for the company, which has expanded its workforce by 10% in the past six months and also extended its factory — all in a bid to keep up with demand.

“Cinematographers like choices, and by next year they will have a few more creative options whether they are using Anamorphics, 5/i’s or miniS4/i’s,” said Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics.

There’s more to come too. From August, Cooke plans to include sensors for the forthcoming /i Squared Technology metadata system in all new Anamorphic/i, 5/i and S4/i lenses. The inertial system, developed by Cooke with support from The Pixel Farm and Codex, builds on the current /i Technology protocol supplying position and orientation data, in addition to the well-established lens data, to aid VFX and other post work.


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