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Budapest in 4K filmed with a Gh4

Budapest on a GH4

A lovely film of a lovely place: Budapest seen through a GH4

We're having a bit of a GH4-fest this week but we're unappologetic about it because this is a very important camera and it's worth comparing a few films made with it.

The last clip we showed was H.Paul Moon's one from Chicago. This couldn't be more different: it's Budapest.

Made by Joe Simon Films, it's a mix of 4K, hyperlaps and time-lapse. There's a great shot of some pidgeons which was shot at 96fps at 1080p

The rest of the equipment:

Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 IS lens

Firefly Systems MOVI 10

Berno Tripod.

For more about the film and how it was made visit Joe's website here.




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