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MotionElements is a different type of media stock agency

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Motion ElementsMotion Elements

 MotionElements is trying to do something genuinely different,  by not just supplying stock footage, but all types of templates for animation, motion etc - mostly with an Asian flavour. After all, they're based in Singapore

We spoke to MotionElements to find out more about their approach to selling stock media and "MotionElements".

RedShark: How does MotionElements differ from other online stock agencies?

Our difference lies in our focus on both Asia, as a highly diverse but visually interesting & inspiring continent, and Motion.

Being based in Singapore, a melting pot of multiple Asian cultures, we are well exposed to the various intricacies and nuances of what defines the region. We know Asia because we live here, we have people who speak the language, and we are accessible to those who create Asia inspired content.

We pride ourselves with having a healthy stream of content from both locals and travelling stock media contributors who have created all these amazing footage of Asia’s iconic and exotic – something we foresee will increase in demand as the world’s largest continent continues to increase its presence in the public mind.

Focusing on Motion elements, is one of our major strengths. While other stock media marketplaces, both old and new, mostly dabble in images along with videos, we believe that this adds clutter in an already saturated market. People just want to get what they need, and getting distracted by other irrelevant content impedes this.

By only having stock media relevant to creating video, we managed to design the site in a way that streamlines the search process. Having done so, we are able to distinctively divide stock video clips into two readily accessible sections.

Producers & Editors looking for traditionally shot footage can look through the stock footage channel.
Animators & Motion Graphics Artists on the other hand can streamline their search for composited elements, video backgrounds, or virtual sets, just to name a few, in the stock animation channel.

What was the question to which MotionElements is the answer?

It was this: What is the world’s largest online marketplace for Asia Inspired stock media for your video production?

How do you start a stock agency? (ie - how do you start it from scratch with no material to start with!)

MotionElements began as a solution to a frustrating problem – that of creating everything from scratch for a video project. We realized that the lack of stock elements available to motion graphics creators was a huge gap that needed to be filled. As co-owners of a Post Production firm themselves, MotionElements co-founders Mark Sun & Joanne Chua were very aware of how difficult and time-consuming projects were without such a resource.  

When it came to sourcing content, MotionElements started with existing assets and newer ones were created from their Post Production Firm. Being based in Singapore meant that they also had the opportunity to work with many talented Artists in Asia.

The content during the site’s early days were comprised of works collated from 50 Artists coming from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and China. The founders themselves pitched most of these Artists with the idea behind MotionElements – a platform that bridges the gap between Asia-inspired Artists (local & foreign) and buyers from around the world.

The resulting abundance of content that had Asian influences led to MotionElements distinguishing itself as an Asia Inspired online marketplace. It has since launched multiple product lines relevant to video such as footage, 3D models, After Effects templates, and Apple Motion templates.

A good reference on the humble beginnings of MotionElements can be found here:

What are the most popular categories and elements?

Timelapse/Hyperlapse footage of Asian locations and prominent cities is pretty much in the demand all the time. Besides locations, Timelapse footage that dominantly feature interesting cloud formations and movements are selling well too.

Our best sellers though come from animated video backgrounds that most are mostly used to occupy the whole frame as a background for the project. Flags or country colors are a good example of this, but animations with shapes & patterns, color bursts, or swirls also make for good VJ Loops, which are also a top seller.

Lastly, Effects & Particles are also doing well. These may well fall into both footage & animation. An example would be explosions, which can be animated from scratch or shot with a camera. Uniquely Asian particles such as Cherry Blossoms also sell well.

It's noteworthy to point out that the above categories are time consuming to do from scratch, leading to the amount of convenience of just purchasing them. The main appeal of stock media after all, is to save on valuable resources – time & money.

What type of element are you always short of?

4K & Aerial Shots. With recent releases of 4K capable cameras and the increased push of 4K displays to the market, at this stage having more content in created or shot in 4K, is simply something that we just can’t get enough of.

Aerial Shots on the other hand has started to become much more accessible to videographers due to introductions of affordable drones & smaller cameras. You see all these amazing productions that get posted online that involve these kinds of setup. Then again it still takes a lot of skill to maximize the setup to its full potential so we’d like to see those well versed to capitalize on this and sell them as stock media through MotionElements, especially ones that are set in Asian locations.


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