The Sliders Are Coming

Written by RedShark News Staff


Most videos benefit from a bit of motion - especially when there's someone talking to the camera. Now, there's a new generation of sliding rigs that can go anywhere

How do you get movement into your productions without going handheld? A traditional set of tracks or rails is completely over the top when you look at the small size of a typical camera used on a corporate or event shoot.

We're starting to see really effective, low cost alternatives, that give just the right amount of precise movement without dominating either the shot or the budget. And what's more, they're ultra portable, because they're typically made from lightweight aluminium (aluminum) which means they're tough as well.

The Kickrig looks to us like it's a good example of the genre, with some pretty flexible options including (as you'll see in the video) the ability to rig one beam on top of another to get otherwise impossible shots.

If you like the look of this, you can support Kickrig in their Kickstarter campaign here.



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