Can you make a feature film with a Magic Lantern-equipped camera? This proves that you can:

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Gustavo da LuzA feature film made with Magic Lantern

Here's the proof that you can make a movie with Magic Lantern and a Canon EOS 5D Mk III and no-one will mind at all


Magic Lantern Raw video from the Canon video-capable cameras was one of the biggest stories last year and we've seen lots of, frankly, incredible footage now.
 But here's something different.

Urban Sniper

 It's a feature film-style trailer for a movie called Urban Sniper, and it really  does show you what a suitably hacked still camera - with quite clearly an abundance of talent behind it - is capable of.
 Hare are the Director, Gustavo Da Luz's production notes and credits, followed by the video itself: 

Urban Sniper tells the story of a professional shooter who finds himself in a situation that goes beyond his experience.
It's a brutality to work on RAW files, it is something phenomenal. There are shades never seen before in the h264, making really fantastic picture. At the time of doing the color correction our work becomes another world. Will I go back to shoot in h264? Yes, because it is a format that allows me faster in the whole process, but decidedly the RAW is paramount.

Many thanks to the folks at Magic Lantern for making it possible to shoot in RAW.

The Team
Gustavo da Luz - director
Patrícia Viana Almeida - producer and assistant director
Daniela Silva - costume designer, still photographer and writer
Pedro Peres - camera assistant and behind the scenes
Amaral Ferreira - lighting assistant
Bruno Leite
Jorge Mário
Ângelo Peres
Helder Colaço



The most beautiful Magic Lantern footage yet?


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