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Digital Bolex is out in the wild: First unboxing video

CIK ProductionsDigital Bolex first unboxing


Reports are coming in that some lucky KickStarter backers are starting to receive their D16 digital cinema cameras just before the holiday season

The cameras are being assembled by Digital Bolex in small batches and slowly rolled out over the next few weeks.  With the initial 100 KickStarter cameras finally rolling out, Digital Bolex will fulfilling the next 500 cameras which are now available for pre-order.

Uncompressed raw

The Digital Bolex D16 is a super16mm digital cinema camera that shoots uncompressed raw with a cost starting at $3,299.99.  Stay tuned for Red Shark's in depth review of the camera.

For more information about the D16 visit www.digitalbolex.com


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