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New Dual Display From Marshall

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MarshallTwo monitors, 3RU, and plenty of I/O

Marshall Electronics is on the verge of releasing its new M-LYNX-702 Dual 7in LCD Display Monitor into the wild, which is picking up some attention due to its impressively full complement of digital and analogue video inputs

The M-LYNX-702 has been designed to limit those times where you can be scrabbling round to make a connection with only a single SDI connector to work with. It features HDMI and 3G SDI with loop-through digital inputs, while analogue inputs include component and composite loop-through (auto selects HDSDI/SDI). Digital and analogue connections for each screen provide a touch of reassurance in case the unexpected happens and it also offers direct access to all functions through professional front panel controls.

Its two 16:9 7in monitors are 3RU high, and feature a screen resolution of 1024x600 and a viewing angle of 150 degrees. The monitors come complete with audio de-embedding and monitoring via front panel headphone jacks and built-in LED tally indicators (Red, Green, Yellow). Special features include: selectable markers, 1:1 pixel mapping, over scan and H/V delay modes, P-P, and ability to view individual colours.

Firmware is field upgradable via a USB port, and the standard one year manufacturer warranty can be extended to two years at no cost with product registration. Expect to see it shipping in late December.


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