Terrifying beauty in perfect slow Motion

Written by RedShark News Staff

Chris BryanTeahapoo - surfing in slow motion


This is stunning. Giant waves, expert surfers, and a top-end slow motion camera

RedShark is the leading website for the exciting, glamorous world of surfing, is something that you'll never hear us say.

But we just wanted to show you this clip. Shot with a Vision Research Phantom camera, renowned for it's slow motion capabilities, this is one of the most remarkable pieces of Slo Mo we've ever seen.

It's the perfect subject.  


These majestic waves move too fluidly and easily for us to understand their true might. The amount of energy in each wave is beyond comprehension, as is how anyone can be brave enough to expose themselves to these forces.

But they do, and we're privileged enough to see it happen, not just in real time, but in super slow motion.

These waves, known in the surfing community by the Tahitian name of "Teahupoo", are nature at its most beautiful, and its most intimidating.

Sit back, relax, and prepare to be terrified.

(Videos after the break)





Note that there's no sound with this clip.



Here's another clip, longer this time, and with music.


Congratulations to Chris Bryan, the camera operator, and thanks to RedShark reader Steve G for sending this to us.


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