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Great musical performance made even better by low video budget

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Texas-based Pentatonix, a slick a capella band, needed to get a video made, but had to change their location at the last minute. The result was astonishing

Some performers rehearse everything to perfection, but lack the capacity to deal with the unexpected. Not so with Pentatonix, who, faced with a last minute change of plan to their video shoot, made the best of what they had.

On a low budget, and in a tiny space - and with some very interesting ring lighting -  they've created something outstanding. Just how good is it? Good enough that nearly 12 million have watched it in less than seven days.

Normally we like to highlight lesser known videos on RedShark like this one but this video doesn't need any help from us.

You can read more about it in the Strobist blog, and you can see the video after the break.








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