Lightworks and Blender used in Combined Production Pipeline

Written by RedShark News Staff

Blender and LightworksBlender and Lightworks

It's a great combination

We always suspected that this would happen: Blender and Lightworks being used together in the same workflow. In this case, it's a commercial by Alessandro Dalla Fontana which shows a family painting a (CGI generated) number representing 30,000 Euros.

Blender's an open source 3D modelling program (which is to understate enormously what it's actually capable of) and Lighworks is a professional NLE available in a free or low-priced yearly renewable licence form.

What should particularly appeal to Blender users is that Lightworks is available for Linux - as well as Windows. An OS X version is being worked on as well.

We can't embed these videos here so here's the link to Blender Nation

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