24 Oct 2017

Autodesk Flame gets extended capabilities with third major update

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Autodesk continues its regular update cycle for the Flame series of software Autodesk continues its regular update cycle for the Flame series of software John Ashby & Aura FX


If you are one of the top tier film finishers or colourists, Autodesk has announced some interesting, and some would say essential, new updates to it's Flame suite of software.

The Flame 2018 suite of comprehensive finishing software from Autodesk received it's third update today with a number of new capabilities for each of the contained apps. The suite, which consists of Flame, the visual and effects compositing software, Flame Assist, Flare, for assisting with collaborative workflows, and Lustre, the grading software, is one of the powerhouses of the industry.

At first glance the list of additions may seem small. However the devil is in the detail, and new additions such as the vector based tracking system promise to be both transformative and time saving. Whilst the addition of a VR viewing mode allows the software to keep up with advances in this upcoming and fast developing field of production.

Many of the additions and changes have come about as a result of user feedback. Given the costs of running such software, even on the subscription basis, it is always good to see a company taking into account the opinions of its users, no matter how cliched a phrase that might seem to be.

HDR waveform monitoring also now features, which is sure to be a relief for users who will likely see this as an absolutely essential addition.

The Flame suite of software can be purchased on a subscription basis for £408 per month, £3258 per year, or £9774 for three years. Most definitely not for amateurs or those faint of heart! However such costs for those who are well established or in studios can be recouped many times over the course of a year.

More information about Flame can be found on the Autodesk website

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