27 Oct 2016

Magic Bullet Suite leaps forward to Version 13

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Accelerate Bullet: The Magic Bullet suite is now GPU-accelerated Accelerate Bullet: The Magic Bullet suite is now GPU-accelerated Red Giant

Red Giant has released Magic Bullet Suite 13, a major update to its powerful set of colour correction, film look and finishing applications.

Answering a concern of many users, all Magic Bullet Suite applications are now GPU accelerated. Real time colour correction is now possible in Adobe PremiereCC via the applications’ support of OpenCL.

The applications in this suite include:
Magic Bullet Looks 4.0
Magic Bullet Colorista IV
Denoiser III
Magic Bullet Cosmo

Let’s take a quick look at the new features in each.

Magic Bullet Looks 4.0
OpenCL for real-time playback tops the list. In addition there are over 50 new look presets, tool presets, a source tool, a renoiser tool (to leverage the features of the Renoiser application including in the suite), Mojo II Tool, Reference Library, Universal strength slider, favourites, resizable scopes and save looks.

Magic Bullet Colorista IV
The panel for After Effects and PremierePro has been redesigned and there is built-in guidance for colour correction. New LUT and log support combine with update controls for colour temperature, tint, custom RGB curves make for more precise grading.

Magic Bullet Denoiser III
Denoiser has been totally rewritten based on a technology known as wrnch. Denoiser has always been a strong contender in the denoise plug-in array and we look forward to testing this update. We are most interested in Red Giant’s claim of GPU acceleration for near real time denoising.

Magic Bullet Mojo II
Mojo, widely-used as a film-looks application, is now supported for near real-time effects by OpenCL with new style presets as well as vignette, exposure, color temperature and tint controls.

Magic Bullet Cosmo II
Cosmo (think Cosmetic—neat, eh?) has always offered skin clean up. Cosmo II is touted to offer better results with a skin sample tool as well as better visual feedback. Again, we’ll test it.

Magic Bullet Renoiser
This is a new addition to the suite. Often there is a thin differentiation between noise and grain. Renoiser adds grain back into an image. So it is possible to remove noise with Denoise and then substitute that video noise for a pleasing film grain.

Magic Bullet Film 1.2
Magic Bullet Film is a photochemical plug-in for emulating various film stocks. But it as well sees OpenCL acceleration giving it a definite edge over applications that require long rendering times.

Magic Bullet applications are compatible with Adobe PremierePro CC, After Effects CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X. They are cross-platform, PC and Mac.

Upgrades from previous versions of Magic Bullet Suite are $299. New customers may purchase the entire suite for $899.

Ned Soltz

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