05 Nov 2014

Antix: Artificial intelligence-based editing of GoPro video

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A new app promises automitically-edited sequences of GoPro footage by tracking...excitement?

The year when Skynet was supposed to destroy the world has come and gone, but that does not mean that the machines have given up! They now have their sights fixed on replacing us editors. At least that’s what a company called Antix wants us to believe!

The company has developed a new piece of software that analyses your GoPro footage and automatically edits it down to highlights using the footage that it deems to be "exciting."

The cleverness lies in the way that Antix analyses your footage by connecting to your smartphone. The Antix app controls your GoPro wirelessly. By pressing record in the Antix app, your GoPro will not only start recording, but the Antix app will also start recording motion metadata for the clip, along with video from the wireless feed from the camera.

If you should happen to move in an "exciting" way, the app will determine that something interesting has happened and will identify and tag that section of the video. It can then auto edit the footage while you are still on location and upload it to Facebook and the like as well as to dedicated Antix servers.

Antix are attempting to build up a community. Videos that are uploaded to their servers are awarded points based upon the tricks that you perform in your chosen sport.

It is all seemingly clever stuff and I can see the points system being quite a cool way of adding in friendly competition to the social aspect of their platform.

It remains to be seen how effective the system is across different sports, however. For instance, activities that do not involve violent movement or have more consistent motion, such as running or mountain biking, might be at a disadvantage compared to the wake boarding examples that pepper their website.

Nonetheless, it is an interesting development and shows yet another useful application of the many sensors now found in our phones and gadgets.

Check out the full press release for Antix on Page Two!

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