Imagineer ramps up mocha Pro features

Written by RedShark News Staff

Imagineer mocha Pro 5.2 plug-in working with The Foundry’s NUKE

A new mocha Pro 5.2 point release adds some major workflow improvements as well as new licensing options for larger studios users.

New mocha Pro 5.2 features include improved GPU tracking performance which sees mocha’s planar tracking updated to take advantage of supported video card hardware for significantly faster motion tracking. OpenCL GPU tracking in mocha v5.2 is even faster than it was before and now supports 16- and 32-bit source images.

Elsewhere there’s a new Apply Tracking Feature in the After Effects Plug-in, which allows users to apply generated tracking data to other layers via the plug-in interface rather than having to export out too the clipboard. And of course there are variousImprovements & bug fixes: including improved Python scripting support, improved handling of larger, multi-layer projects and numerous plug-in fixes for Adobe, Avid and OFX.

From a business angle, new Imagineer owners Boris FX are putting plenty of emphasis on those new license options, which are aimed primarily at big studios as they kick in at the 5+ licenses level. New floating license support means users can run both the mocha Pro standalone and mocha Pro plug-in options off one floating license server, while a new Render License option allows users to render projects on a networked render farm or different workstation without taking up a full license.

mocha Pro 5.2 is available as a free download for all owners of mocha Pro 5. Pricing is as follows:
Plug­-in Option: Adobe, Avid or OFX: $695
Plug­-in Option, Multi­Host (Avid, Adobe, OFX): $995
Standalone Application Option: $1,495
Annual Subscription Option includes: Standalone + Multi­-Host Plug-­ins $595
Upgrades from mocha Pro 4 start at $495

Floating Licenses (requires minimum of 5 licenses):
Floating License – Plug­in Option: Adobe, Avid or OFX: $995
Floating License – Multi-Host Plug-­in Option: $1,295
Floating License Standalone + Multi-Host Plug-ins: $1695
Render License: $99/ea

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