The Foundry upgrades MODO to 10 Series

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The FoundryMODO Series 10: coming in Q2

Software for generating realtime content looks set to be a bit of a theme this year, and The Foundry’s MODO 10 Series plans to deliver new featuresets in a series of three instalments for a single price. RedShark's Steve Stoltz reports.

The first instalment, MODO 10.0v1, won’t be available until Q2, but it’s already looking like some powerfully interesting software. According to The Foundry it will be followed by MODO 10.1 and MODO 10.2, which will build on the functionality of the software and all be factored in to the same price.

Built on a next-generation 3D modeling, texturing and rendering platform, The Foundry promises that the MODO 10 Series will open new doors for creating realtime content and highlights the fact that this is no longer just a games market but one that folds in other immersive experiences such as VR.

Thus what the company is letting slip about the new features this far ahead of release have a very realtime feel to them. Artists working in MODO can apparently be confident that their assets will look ‘virtually the same’ in Unity or Unreal Engine; there’s a new streamlined, repeatable texture baking workflow for adding detail to realtime objects; and there will be new ways to export to popular engines featuring simple, automated steps.

“We’re talking about a toolset that paves the way for maximum creativity in the content creation process, enabling the development of addictive real-time experiences, innovative product designs, compelling images for advertising, and engaging film and video content,” comments Andy Whitmore, chief product officer at The Foundry.

The current MODO 902 costs £1199/$1799 so it’s not exactly at the cheap end of the modern 3D market, but it is increasingly well regarded. The last major release, 901, was announced at the start of April 2015 and shipped by the end of May, so it shouldn’t be too long a wait for the new software too if past form is anything to go by. However exactly what features the staged releases will add and when though, along with much more detail about the 10 Series, is still being kept under wraps.


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