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A beginner's intro to colour grading

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AlphaDogs / Editor's Lounge / RedShark NewsStorytelling with Colour

Following our link to the incredibly popular Editor's Lounge colour correction video last week, a video that touches on the topic of 'storytelling with colour', which you may know as colour grading.

As part of our effort to assist those that have just begun their journeys in film, we're featuring another video that addresses the basics of colour, as it pertains to post. The video, produced by AlphaDogs for the Editor's Lounge post production forum, is the second half of a two-part series on the subject of colour. The first video (link) provided a brief outline of colour correction. The second video, featured below, tackles the subject of colour manipulation in post as an extension of the storytelling process.

If you're confused about the difference between colour correction and colour grading, watch the two videos, which provide a clear delineation between the two disciplines.

Tags: Post & VFX