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Pelican Outdoor announces new rugged lens covers

Image: Pelican Outdoor.
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Image: Pelican Outdoor.

Lens caps can be a pain, and they don’t protect the entire lens. These new covers from Pelican on the other hand, do just that.

The Rugged Camera Lens Cover from Pelican replaces your lens cap with a silicon rubber lens cover that protects your entire lens body from knocks, scratches, and the environment. They have been designed with a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can be made to fit lenses from 67mm to 120mm in diameter due to their extremely stretchy nature.

The covers feature a ribbed column structure for impact absorption, and they can be folded up easily and put into your pocket when not in use. They come in a choice between black and Coyote (beige to you and me).

Pelican Outdoor Silicon lens cover
Image: Pelican Outdoor.

I’ve used rubber lens caps before, but not with such all encompassing protection as this. The design means that they may not be as quick to be able to pull off and put back on, and at $24.99 they aren’t exactly inexpensive. You’ll likely need one for each lens in your bag. However we are talking about protecting an expensive investment, so if you travel a lot and your gear takes some knocks along the way, you might want to consider these.

Find out more on the Pelican Outdoor website.

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