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One ring to rule them all? Samsung Galaxy Ring debuts amongst new foldables

Will the latest Galaxy product ring enough bells?
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Will the latest Galaxy product ring enough bells?

The latest Galaxy Unpacked event has seen Samsung become the first major manufacturer to launch a smart ring, the Galaxy Ring joining upgraded foldables and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring has been well teased since it was first unveiled earlier this year. Now, however, we know more details and more pricing, as well as the specs on the latest generation of foldables from the company; the Galaxy Z Fold6 and the Galaxy Z Flip6.

First the Galaxy Ring though, which at $399 is at the top end of pricing speculations (though at least it doesn't need a subscription too). It comes in nine different sizes, has a seven day battery life, and features an accelerometer, PPG sensor for heart measurements, and a skin temperature sensor. Think of it not so much as a miniaturised smart watch but as a fitness band for your finger.

Samsung reckons that where this will really score is in sleep tracking, which is rapidly becoming a key component of the wellness industry. People don’t always like wearing something round their wrist while they sleep, so this should be a good fit there. All the same, $399 seems a bit steep for something that requires the linked Samsung Health app on an Android phone to have any functionality veined being, well, a metal ring.

The company seems to think that it will be part of a nested ecosystem that includes phone and smartwatch. Currently that seems a two out of three conversation rather than being all-in on all three, but cheaper versions in the future could move the dial on that.

You can get your hands on the Galaxy Ring from July 24, and that’s not the only thing the company is launching.

Samsung is stubbornly persisting with its foldable range and the latest models are based around the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy. That inevitably means plenty of AI tools have been crammed into the new Galaxy Z Fold6  and Galaxy Z Flip6, with the company looking to make Galaxy AI a brand all of its own. Given that we might not see any Apple Intelligence features launch on devices from Cupertino until 2025, that’s a fair old run at an open goal for Samsung and it looks like they’re going to try and make the most of it.

There’s a new 50MP Wide and 12MP Ultra-wide sensors on the Flip6, as well an enhanced 3.4-inch Super AMOLED FlexWindow that lets users access AI-assisted functions and more widgets than before without even needing to open the device. Price? That fold adds plenty to what you have to spend and you’ll need to find $1899 for the Fold6 and $1099 for the Flip6.

There’s also a new Galaxy Watch 7, a new top range Watch Ultra (annoyingly some of the best fitness stuff is reserved purely for that), and some new Galaxy Buds 3 with a stem form factor. But it’s the Ring that’s the centre of attention. Can Samsung set up a new ring cycle? We’ll find out soon.

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