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Nexus G1 provides latest project update

The latest look at the Nexus G1 is a bit more stylised than previous renders...
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The latest look at the Nexus G1 is a bit more stylised than previous renders...

Thomas Boland has posted another info dump regarding the latest status of the Nexus G1 Project which still seems to be on track for a $3000 and 2024 release.

The Nexus G1 project update in February confirmed a 2024 launch date and the $3000 price, and while this one doesn’t have as many easy headlines it does have a tonne of useful info. And this of course includes the latest look at the design as above.

Thomas Boland started off his latest update with an apology for the lack of update, stating that he’s been busy on the design process, and then got into the details. Which include an improvement to the original BMPCC6K cooling system…

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗷𝗲𝗰𝘁 u𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲 #𝟒

“We have been engineering the body to be as strong, functional and light as possible. I have also put a ton of thought into designing the location and position of all the ports, modules, batteries, and mounting points, to be universally compatible, ergonomic, and compact (I hate cables which protrude, get caught on things, can get snapped off etc). So the overall shape is largely similar to the original concept, but a lot of the details have been improved, the overall construction has changed, and more consideration has been given to weather resistance.

“Since last update, I have also conducted practical tests on the imaging sensor of the BMPCC6K to determine how ambient temperature effects dark current thermal image noise and picture quality. We tested the performance of the sensor at different temperatures between 5℃ and 45℃, and this has yielded exciting results which inform us as to how we can improve upon the original cooling system, both in terms of effectiveness and quietness.

“The abstract image is only a sneak peek of the design as we aren't ready to show it yet, but after a bit more work we will be delighted to share the latest Nexus G1 design with everyone, to get everyone's feedback on it! (Also it’s a side note as looks aren't top priority, but the new design looks insanely good).

“Thanks a lot everyone for following the project and joining the wait list, the support is absolutely overwhelming!”

Temperature and connectivity

Bolland posts these updates on the Project’s Facebook page, and is very generous with his time answering comments and questions afterwards. That led into some interesting further detail about the way the BMPCC6K currently deals with heat issues.

“I found that due to the Pocket 6k design, heat from the processor (the main heat source in the camera) can bleed into the sensor if it is a very hot day or the bottom vent of the camera becomes obstructed (which is very easy to do),” he writes. “This causes greatly increased noise and causes shifting horizontal banding. In addition to that, if you get the camera hot enough, it will flat out freeze when you try to change any settings, so you have to remove the battery to reset it. Also it doesn't take much for the fan to max out; which is loud enough to be an issue for some people, so there is definitely room for improvement. Our vent location is already a big improvement - hard to obstruct.”

In response to a question on connectivity and the chance of adding another USC-C port, he also have some insight into the sort of choices the team is having to make.

“No unfortunately we can’t add another USB-C port - we would if we could. Instead we are freeing up the USB-C for control purposes, by expanding the Cfast slot into a slot that can take not only Cfast, but also affordable SSDs.

And no there will be no cold shoe mounts on the camera, as they are limiting and non-ideal. However there will be plenty of 1/4 thread mounts which will allow you to attach anything you like, including cold shoe mounts, nato rails, ARRI rosettes, etc.”

Where was project update #3?

The astute will release that we missed project update #3 in our coverage. It was a short one but an important one, as it was effectively the official sanction to go ahead from Blackmagic itself.

“We are extremely excited to announce that it is now official - we are now an Authorized Dealer of Blackmagic Design products, and have been authorized to sell the Nexus worldwide.

This means we now have access to as much Blackmagic hardware as we need, and the Nexus project is full steam ahead!”

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