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News roundup: Teradek, NANLITE, Matthews Studio, Venus Optics and MOG Technologies

Have Teradek Backpack, will travel
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Have Teradek Backpack, will travel

This week we look at news from Teradek, NANLITE, Matthews Studio, Venus Optics and MOG Technologies.

Teradek launches Prism Mobile Backpack

Teradek has unveiled the Prism Mobile Backpack, a 5G mobile broadcasting solution for 4K HDR video contribution from the field. The Backpack features Teradek’s Prism Mobile 4K bonded cellular encoder, as well as up to 4x Node 5G modems, which provide global, high-speed connectivity. 

The Backpack is aimed at global news gathering and live event coverage on location, especially when traditional network connectivity like WiFi isn’t available, and has been designed to provide maximum flexibility for customers, allowing them to swap modems, encoders, and power at will. That means smaller organizations can start with a more affordable build, while larger organizations can scale it to their needs.

Depending on your mounting and modem systems, you can request to purchase here.

Check out this webinar from 04:00 onwards.


The new NANLITE PavoTube II XR

After the debut of the PavoTube II X LED pixel tube light, NANLITE now brings out the PavoTube II XR, which adds the LumenRadio CRMX function on the base of PavoTube II X. It comes with three length options available for film and TV production and commercial shooting teams of all sizes: PavoTube II 15X/XR (2ft), PavoTube II 30X/XR (4ft) and PavoTube II 60X/XR (8ft).

The PavoTube II XR are LED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights with a CCT range of 2700K-12000K with G/M±100 adjustment. They have 15 built-in effects and 10 pixel effects. The light comes with different mounting accessories and padded carrying bags. 

The NANLITE PavoTube II 15XR starts at $399


Introducing Matthews’ Mini Boom Rolling Kit

Matthews Studio Equipment's Mini Boom Rolling Kit  is designed to add speed and ease to repositioning the key light throughout a shoot so the photographer can better maintain flow and momentum. There's a smooth rolling 3-wheeled base with multi-direction locking casters carrying a 40” C-Stand riser. Atop it a 5/8” Baby Pin holds a sleek mini boom and all the goods needed to adjust lighting.

The Kit is a combination of four essential tools: the Runway base, 40” C+ Riser, Mini MatthBoom and a 10 pound/kg Boa Bag. The components may also be individually used. To help stabilize, Matthews includes a 10 pound/4.5kg Boa Bag. The rolling base supports light fixtures up to 250lbs (113kg) 

You can preorder the Mini Boom Rolling Kit for $816.


Venus Optics adds more lenses to Nanomorph 1.5X Anamorphic Series 

Venus Optics is expanding its compact Nanomorph 1.5X Anamorphic Series with two new additions: a 65mm T2.4 and an 80mm T2.4 lens. These lenses maintain the same amber, blue, and silver cinematic flare options as their predecessors. Featuring a wide T2.4 aperture, they produce a distinctive oval bokeh while offering precise depth of field control. Both lenses also boast a short close-focusing distance of 2’3” (70cm), enabling cinematographers to capture intimate, emotive close-up shots.

Additionally, Venus Optics has introduced the 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter, compatible with the existing Nanomorph series. This adapter allows for a consistent 2X squeeze ratio or can be paired with spherical lenses for a Nanomorphic touch. The minimum focus distance for the adapter is 2’4” (73cm), and it includes step-up rings ranging from 55mm to 77mm for various lenses.

You can now pre-order the new 65mm and 80mm lenses on Indiegogo. The retail prices are $1099 for the mirrorless version and $1499 for the EF/PL version of either the 65mm or 80mm lens. There's also a 5-lens bundle, which includes the previous 27mm, 35mm, and 50mm Nanomorph lenses, available for $4599 (Mirrorless version) and $6749 (EF/PL version). Additionally, the 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter is available for purchase at $699.


Here comes H.266 as MOG announces first H.266 SDK integration

MOG Technologies has upped the codec ante with a full integration of the cutting-edge MainConcept VVC/H.266 SDK into its MAM4PRO cloud media production platform. MAM4PRO is a comprehensive native-cloud media production platform, that offers features designed to transform media production workflows, including AI-driven object recognition and metadata enhancement, production and orchestration, collaborative remote production, and comprehensive broadcast operations. Now, MAM4PRO can be fully deployed in a multi-cloud environment, which makes MOG the first company to enable VVC in a native-cloud media production environment.


Photo credit MOG Technologies

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