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News roundup: Sony Electronics, Sennheiser, Canon, Atlas Lens Co, Teradek, RED, and more

Canon EOS Cinema camera
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Canon EOS Cinema camera

This week's news roundup looks at Sony Electronics, Sennheiser, Canon, Atlas Lens Co, Teradek, RED, and a new plugin for Final Cut called Render Cleaner.

Sony Electronics introduces new generation Spatial Reality Display

Sony Electronics has added a new model to its Spatial Reality Display portfolio. The ELF-SR2 features a 27-inch display, that reproduces three-dimensional content without the use of special glasses or VR headsets. It is designed for industrial design, surgical planning, architecture, engineering, construction, signage, retail, software/application development, game developers, and entertainment applications.

The display's visual fidelity is amplified by its immersive depth of field and detailed resolution. The high-speed vision sensors enable high-speed processing and low latency for reduced motion blur and crosstalk. 10-bit processing supports a wide color gamut that covers Adobe RGB at approximately 100% for accurate color reproduction. Lastly, the new model offers color moire correction to ensure fine details, patterns, and lines.

The ELF-SR2’s enhanced facial tracking and recognition sense a viewer’s eyes to provide a natural and comfortable visual experience, while the wide viewing angle enables consistency and accuracy from numerous vantage points. 

The ELF-SR2 is planned to be available in May 2023 in the United States and Canada through Sony’s professional channels. It is expected to retail at $5,000 and features a 3-year limited product warranty. The 27-inch model will be on display at NAB Show in Las Vegas at Sony’s booth (C8101).

Sennheiser Profiles new USB Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser has released its new Sennheiser Profile USB condenser microphone, further marking its shift to a focus more toward the consumer market.

The USB-C powered condenser microphone features a cardioid condenser capsule with an easy-to-use plug-and-play concept with no additional audio interfaces required. This means the microphone has all the necessary components built within the microphone, requiring only a single connection to start the audio. 

There are controls to make sure users are recording the best sound. Gain control allows them to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, setting the level for the session. Mix control allows balancing the levels between your microphone and your device audio. The volume control gives you quick access to adjust your headphone level while a soft-touch mute button lets you silence your microphone. For the best results, place the Profile within 15cm/6in of the sound source.

Find the Sennheiser profile for £109 or $129.

Canon EOS R5 C now Netflix approved

Canon’s EOS R5 C hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera has been added to Netflix’s list of approved cameras. The camera is in the Cinema EOS family and it comes with multiple great features such as 8K capture. 

"This gives filmmakers an entire Canon solution, allowing them to combine different cameras while maintaining a consistent image quality. With the Canon EOS C500 Mark II and the Canon EOS C700 FF, you're able to have a full-frame A-cam and B-cam producing material that can be very easily matched in post. Both cameras use the same sensor, and share the same basic colour gamut, log setting and colour matrix," comments Paul Atkinson, Pro Video Product Specialist at Canon Europe

Atlas Lens Co. Sirius Series anamorphic prime lenses

Atlas Lens Co. has announced a new series of anamorphic prime lenses called the Sirius Series. The Sirius Series lenses have been designed to be convenient, adaptable, dependable, and ergonomic, and they feature the best of both vintage and modern features. The series comes with the following focal lengths: 21mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm T2.

Whether your project requires you to shoot digital or film, the Sirius Series offers the coverage you need with a 24.89mm x 18.66mm imaging area. The Sirius Series 1.0X anamorphic prime lenses are built to be a universal filmmaking tool and look to be perfect for use with the latest professional film and digital cinema cameras. They come in native PL mount and they can be adapted to Canon EF-based cinema cameras.

The Sirius Series Anamorphic Primes are now available to pre-order. Its single lens retails for $5,995 and the three-lens set will cost $17,985.

[And thanks to the several readers who've pointed out this is an April Fool. Sure, but it was a really really good one and deserves its place in the sun.]

Teradek integrates its camera-to-cloud Prism series with Sony C3P

Teradek has announced Sony C3P integration with its camera-to-cloud Prism series. C3 Portal is Sony’s next-generation camera-to-cloud gateway service designed for professional news-gathering and file-based production. It was designed to enable fast and secure content delivery from the field to any location.

RED V-RAPTOR firmware 1.5.0 beta released

RED has released a new firmware 1.5.0 beta for its V-RAPTOR camera platform. 

New features added and improved:
  • Ability to edit FPS, Shutter, and Format lists.
  • Gio Scope
  • ND control to assignable buttons list
  • ND Increments to Lens & Histogram Page
  • Format Dimensions status
  • RED Connect License support
  • firmware update prompt and automatic restart
  • firmware update over USB Type-C
  • proxy timecode offset under certain formats
  • Cloud Upload File Types menu
  • ND Stop Display Mode
  • External Only Audio over SDI
  • Network Static IP setup
  • DC IN low voltage warning interface

Firmware 1.5.0beta for RED V-RAPTOR cameras is now available to download free from RED’s website.

A new app called Render Cleaner for Final Cut users 

Finally, Render Cleaner is a powerful new plugin that helps Final Cut Pro users easily clean up unnecessary render and proxy files from their projects, freeing up valuable storage space on their Mac and improving the performance of their editing workflow.

Download the app here and use a special promotion offering a free download of the app with the promo code 497NYXJPXNEX.

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