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News roundup: News from Apple, DJI, Teradek and Sony

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This week we are getting ready for Apple's new launch event, and also feature DJI's Avata, Teradek, and Sony.

Far Out - Apple’s next launch Event

In less than two weeks, Apple is getting ready for its upcoming launch event on 7 September. So what are we expecting to see? Its new range of flagship iPhone models and Apple Watches are a strong guess of ours. This is usually the time for Apple to announce its new products for the autumn.

We are looking to see what kind of new features the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are going to get, but we are expecting a faster A16 system-on-a-chip and a bigger and better 48-megapixel rear-wide camera with 8K video capture capabilities, without forgetting the new front-facing camera features. Apple is also expected to announce a low-selling model range just like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups. Despite these more affordable lineups, we might be seeing 6.1-inch displays and iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7-inch screen. 

The Apple Watch Series is also looking to have just minor upgrades. We have heard about the possibility that Apple is bringing a rugged "Apple Watch Pro" for serious use in sports and fitness contexts. With a more durable titanium casing, a potentially larger and more damage-resistant screen comes with a price tag.

AirPods are looking to drop the stems entirely and support the Apple Lossless audio format (ALAC) with a charging case that "can emit a sound for users to track."

When it comes to virtual production, we have heard about mixed reality headsets, but looks like we might have to just wait a bit more. Let’s see what the 7th of September at 10 am PDT brings - add this to the calendar!

Teradek to Integrate with Sony’s Ci

Teradek and Sony Electronics have announced an integration that will provide more flexibility for productions in the cine and broadcast markets in camera-to-cloud workflows. This will enable products like Teradek Prism Flex and Teradek Serv 4K to upload footage to Ci directly, and review, edit, and deliver proxy files in a matter of minutes.

Sony’s Ci provides content acquisition portals, real-time collaboration, automated transcoding, rough cut editing, QC, and archive functionality in a single SaaS offering. This new integration will provide the fastest on-set configuration on the market.

The future is cloud-based production”, said Derek Nickell, Product Manager for Teradek Live Production.

DJI Avata - The New Ultimate Immersive Drone Experience

DJI has introduced a new drone with what it says is an unparalleled experience of immersive flight. DJI Avata creates a first-person view (FPV) drone flight, where pilots can race through the skies. Coupled with the new DJI Goggles 2 and the intuitive DJI Motion Controller, DJI Avata says it takes FPV to another level. 

The drone weighs 410 grams. It comes with camera stabilization, a 1/1.7” CMOS sensor with 48 million effective pixels, 4K/60fps, and 2.7K/50/60/100/120fps video for premium video content delivery. This drone can fly up to 18 minutes at full speed. Avata wins when it comes to imaging systems: a 1/1.7-inch 48MP Photo CMOS sensor with f/2.8 aperture, and an ultra-wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of up to 155°.

To keep your video sharp and stable, the drone has two flagship stabilization technologies. DJI RockSteady eliminates overall picture shake, and DJI HorizonSteady keeps the picture-oriented toward the true level. You can store your footage in up to 20 GB of internal space.

DJI Avata is available now. A standalone version of DJI Avata retails for $629 without a remote controller, motion controller, or goggles. The DJI Avata Pro-View Combo retails for $1388 including all the above.


Comica Audio VM10 Pro Mini Cardioid Digital Shotgun Microphone

One of the smallest, most compact shotgun cardioid microphones we've seen just hit the market from Comica Audio. Given its small size, VM10 Pro Mini can be used with iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, and computers, mirrorless hybrids, and digital cinema cameras. It requires devices that have a 3.5mm or USB-C input. The VM10 Pro doesn’t need batteries as it draws power from the device it is connected to. The microphone has dimensions of 1″ x 3.6″ (22mm x 92mm) and it weighs 37g.

Comica Audio VM10 Pro Mini


  • Digital/Analog Output Modes: switches between modes with one touch
  • Universal for use with all 3.5mm and USB devices: features 3.5mm and USB interfaces
  • Includes USB-C and 3.5mm microphone cables: for use with iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, computers, and DSLR cameras
  • Stepless Gain Control for Digital Mode: easily adjusts the volume to meet recording needs
  • Supports real-time monitoring: working status can be monitored in real-time while recording
  • Cardioid Directional Polar Pattern: eliminates background noise and records targeted sound accurately and clearly
  • Battery-free Design: draws power directly from the phone or camera, so it can be used without batteries by connecting to devices
  • Super Anti-interference: shock mount features a super anti-interference function that reduces noise from vibrations
  • Plug & Play: analog and digital dual output modes
  • Includes a shock mount and wind muff
  • Suitable for vlogging, live video, podcasting, and recording

Priced at $52 including the microphone, shock mount, 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable, 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable, USB C-USB C audio cable, wind muff, carrying case, and manual.

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