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News roundup: Mitakon, Mo-Sys, Pixotope, Sound Devices, Globaledit and DENZ

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This week we look at news from Mitakon, Mo-Sys, Pixotope, Sound Devices, Globaledit and DENZ.

Mitakon 200mm f/4 macro lens announced

Mitakon has a new Mitakon 200mm f/4 macro lens. The lens consists of 11 elements organized into seven groups; three Extraordinary Dispersion (ED) lenses, three ultra-high index elements, and a single extra-high transmission lens. In order to combat chromatic aberration (purple fringing) the company is using APO Technology. The lens weighs 1300g and comes with a supportive Arca Swiss plate.

With the 200mm macro lens, you can have a greater distance from your subject, when filming such as wildlife filming or photography without disturbing the subject. The lens comes in a variety of mounting options including F, EF, FE, RF, Z, GFX, L, and XCD.

You can order the lens now for $499.


Mo-Sys unveils new StarTracker Max features

StarTracker Max is the latest absolute camera tracking solution from Mo-Sys. The new lightweight and miniaturised StarTracker Max leverages improved hardware
and algorithms to produce Mo-Sys most accurate tracking solution to date, and
promises an exciting development path of game-changing capabilities. "StarTracker Max has been miniaturised and operates at higher resolution with a higher framerate to produce our most accurate camera tracking solution ever, and it does this while still avoiding any need for external PC’s as all processing is handled within the 450g unit,” says Stephen Gallagher, Marketing Director of Mo-Sys.

Pixotope continues to expand

Pixotope solutions for Extended RealityAugmented Reality and Virtual Studios help to simplify virtual production, enabling faster onboarding and adoption. Paired with the Pixotope Education Program, which empowers the next generation of storytellers, Pixotope is expanding the talent pool to meet the growing demand for virtual production skills. 

One of the largest distributors for the North American Media & Entertainment market, JB&A will sell and support the full portfolio of Pixotope solutions through its extensive sales channel which includes top-tier broadcast and post-production reseller Key Code Media. 


Sound Devices adds to Astral range

Sound Devices has announced the launch of the latest additions to its innovative Astral series of wireless audio products: the A20-Nexus Go true-diversity digital wireless receiver, and the A20-TX digital wireless transmitter.


A20 Nexus Go​

Designed for the on-the-move production sound professional, A20-Nexus Go is a portable 4-, 6-, or 8-channel wireless receiver ideal for mobile rigs and fast-moving production. Users can scan an industry-leading global tuning range of 169 - 1525 MHz with Sound Devices’ SpectraBand technology to quickly find clean and open frequencies anywhere in the world.


A20-TX transmitter​

The A20-TX digital wireless transmitter is built to offer a wider range of input compatibility than any other transmitter on the market. A20-TX serves equally well with 2- or 3-wire lavs, dynamic and phantom-powered microphones, balanced line-level sources, AES digital mics, and musical instruments. It can be controlled remotely by Astral-series wireless receivers utilizing Sound Devices’ long-range NexLink remote wireless control technology, and gain can be adjusted directly from the receiver using GainForward. A20-TX has a 12-hour battery life and is compatible with standard and rechargeable AA batteries. 

Pricing is $8495 for the A20-Nexus Go and $2450 for the A20-TX. Availability is immediate.

Globaledit adds AI and 3D capabilities 

Globaledit has introduced AI-based image recognition and tagging and 3D asset management to its comprehensive suite of platform capabilities. With the release of Smart Tags AI-based image recognition functionality, all assets uploaded into Globaledit are automatically tagged with relevant and accurate contextual and descriptive metadata upon ingestion.

Rendering 3D content enables Globaledit to broaden its platform capabilities beyond traditional photography and video assets, offering seamless support for the next evolution of content. Users can now upload and manage gigabyte-scale 3D content within their browser, empowering brands to explore new omnichannel programs and enabling a wider range of teams to leverage Globaledit for their content production workflow.

Smart Tag and 3D capabilities are fully available to all Globaledit users here.


Photo credit Globaledit


DENZ Yoke System for SmallHD Cine 18” 4 K High-Bright Monitor

The DENZ Yoke System is designed for the use of high-end studio monitors. It provides both mounting options for a baby stand (5/8") or a junior stand (1-1/8") and can be combined with many different tripods. A modular design enables the company to offer yokes for different monitors. In contrast to competitor products, DENZ relies on high-strength aluminum profiles that are milled from solid metal, give the monitor a secure stand even in an inclined position and can be combined with a variety of tripod feet. 

DENZ Yoke Systems vary from €895 - €995. You can find more information here.


DENZ Yoke Systems with SmallHD


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