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News roundup: Laowa, Jagoteq, Storj, OptiTrack and Vizrt

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This week's news roundup looks at new lenses from Laowa, and products from Jagoteq, Storj, OptiTrack and Vizrt.

Laowa brings out the Aurogon FF 10-50X NA0.5 Supermicro APO lens series

The Laowa Aurogon FF 10-50X NA0.5 Supermicro APO lenses are microscopic lenses ranging from 10X, 20X, 35X, and 50X. This means you can get closer than you can go with a standard macro lens. These lenses feature full-frame image sensors for various lens mounts, such as PL, Canon EF and RF, Sony E, Nikon F and Z, L mount, and FUJIFILM G-mount.

Instead of adjusting the focus, you adjust the numerical aperture (NA) on the lens barrel. It lets you adjust the sharpness of the image. To adjust focus, you’ll have to move your camera as the lenses have a fixed 20mm working distance. Laowa has an optional set of lens tube slip rings to make swapping lenses quick and easy.

The Laowa Aurogon lens set is available for $1,500 and the lens tube slip ring is an additional $50.

New Jagoteq light combines benefits of fiberoptics & lasers

Jagoteq has a new concept in pro lighting that utilizes patent-pending technology to combine the powerful precision of lasers with the versatility and flexibility of fiberoptic cable. The result is a next-generation lighting tool that functions as both a professional illumination source and as a practical design element. Current uses include film, broadcast, and live production, as well as effects, wet locations, neon and LED strip replacement, and wearables.

The new technology includes a compact and efficient Laser Module that features 3 individual laser engines in R, G, and B, which unite to form a specified color. With the new system, users can achieve color saturation 3X times greater and 25% brighter than with LED ribbon.  It is available in a choice of 1mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 12mm diameter, in standard lengths up to 32 feet.

Find out more here.


Storj announces new integration with Adobe Premiere Pro

Storj just announced several milestones, including integration with the industry-leading video editing software application, Adobe Premiere Pro. These latest updates cement the company as a driving force behind the next-generation cloud storage landscape for its secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud storage solutions. Storj says it not only reduces cloud costs by up to 90% compared to traditional cloud providers but also reduces carbon emissions by using existing, unused hard drive capacity. Storj empowers video editors, filmmakers and content creators to harness the full potential of Premiere Pro while leveraging Storj’s faster, more reliable, and eco-conscious storage solution when storing and retrieving their data at scale.

Find out more here.

OptiTrack intros Motive 3.1 software

 OptiTrack, a 3D tracking system, has unveiled Motive 3.1, an upgraded version of its motion capture software. This enhanced release boasts compatibility with all OptiTrack motion capture cameras, along with the specialized Cinepuck video camera tracking tool designed for active marker applications. Motive 3.1 introduces an array of new features, including user-friendly interfaces, improved asset creation tools, and enhancements in 3D visualization and graphing.

The primary objective of Motive 3.1 is to simplify high-quality, low-latency motion tracking while offering users an intuitive experience. It incorporates easy-to-access presets and labelling options for tracked objects, ensuring the delivery of precise motion data while reducing workflow complexities. Additionally, the software features advanced real-time continuous camera calibration, granting users improved visibility into potential issues, such as bumps, and automatically resolving challenges in even the most demanding tracking environments. This results in a smoother and more efficient user experience.

OptiTrack’s new Motive 3.1 offers the following benefits:

  • Camera compatibility
  • Trained Markersets
  • Enhanced Sensor Fusion
  • Continuous Calibration Transparency
  • Predefined setting

    Find out more here.


Vizrt's new Viz Pilot Edge 3 debuts

Vizrt has released Viz Pilot Edge 3.0, featuring a completely new, sleek user interface. Navigation is now smoother, making it easier to locate templates and elements, with dropdowns and tabs for faster access to regularly used features. The search function now contains multiple tag filtering to further narrow down search results.  

The interface update also includes the ability to drag and drop multiple elements into a story slug, radio buttons in templates, improved crop functionality, and faster editing of tables. Live data input gets a boost with the addition of feed browser RSS feed support.  

Find out more here.

Viz PE 3

Laowa adds a new Nanomorph 20mm T2.2 1.5X Anamorphic Lens 

Venus Optics has released an all-new 20mm T2.2 1.5X Nanomorph lens specially designed for MFT sensors. The lens is said to be the most compact, fastest, and widest Nanomorph to date. Its compact dimensions are 2.36"x3.35" and it is lightweight design, at only 0.67 lbs.

The 20mm lens’ wide horizontal field of view is suitable for expansive landscapes, architecture, or any visual narrative requiring a broader context. Pairing this with its constant 1.5X squeeze ratio and a large aperture of T2.2, the lens offers more control on the depth of field and more compressed oval bokeh. It features a close focusing distance of 1’4” / 43cm, a cinematic flare (3 options in Amber/Blue/Silver), and a 55mm filter thread to accommodate suitable ND filters or creative look filters. The lens is available in MFT and Arri PL mount, specifically tailored for solo filmmakers who value a smaller setup.

Laowa Nanomorph 20mm T2.2 MFT is now available for ordering on Indiegogo here.


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