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News roundup: Laowa, Austrian Audio, Panasonic, Wooden Camera, CORSAIR, Grass Valley and Digital Camera Systems

CORSAIR Gaming Keyboard
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CORSAIR Gaming Keyboard

This week we look at news from Laowa, Austrian Audio, Panasonic, Wooden Cameras, CORSAIR, Grass Valley and Digital Camera Systems.

New Laowa 8-16mm f/3.5-5 Zoom CF

Venus Optics is delighted to introduce its latest creation, the Laowa 8-16mm f3.5-5 Zoom CF. A unique compact zoom lens suits wide-angle photography and is designed to meet the needs of modern photographers. With a viewing angle from 82.8 degrees to 120.9 degrees, this lens is great for capturing expansive scenes and diverse perspectives for APS-C users. Like most of the Laowa wide-angle lenses, the 8-16mm also has well-controlled optical distortion. It is also able to focus at a close distance and has an 86mm filter thread for more creative options.

This lens has a lightweight and compact design, weighing 463 grams. Its small size, coupled with its expansive field of view, makes it the ultimate travel companion for on-the-go photographers. Moreover, its user-friendly construction caters to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, delivering a seamless photography experience and proving to be a valuable addition to any camera kit.

The 8-16mm lens also presents a captivating Sunstar effect, courtesy of its 5-blade aperture, adding a visual dimension to photographs. With its versatile 86mm filter thread, you have the freedom to experiment, whether it's using ND filters for mesmerizing long exposure shots, polarizers to intensify your skies, or creative filters to infuse your images with artistic flair. 

The Laowa 8-16mm f3.5-5 Zoom CF is currently available for purchase at an affordable price of $549.


MiCreator Studio — The New Ultra-Flexible Pocket Recording System

Austrian Audio is proud to announce MiCreator Studio, an ultra-flexible pocket recording system that seamlessly combines a condenser microphone and a USB-C audio interface

The new small and compact recording system features a condenser microphone and a built-in audio interface, intuitive on-board controls, a line input and a range of expansion options to accommodate different applications. Users can select among three different microphone sensitivity options, including a 'Low Gain' setting that can handle up to 130 dB SPL.  An additional input enables multi-tracking possibilities as well as optional stereo recording.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-play USB-C microphone and audio interface
  • Condenser capsule for top-notch audio quality
  • Max SPL: 130 dB
  • Austrian Audio Open Acoustic Technology
  • Two gain settings and one knob jogwheel for easy volume control
  • “FlexTilt” vertical adjustment of the mic head for ideal positioning
  • Input for connecting a second device (MiCreator Satellite, Y-LAV mic, Instrument) - great for interview situations
  • Two headphone outputs: Easily collaborate with fellow musician
  • Latency-free direct monitoring of the mic and input while recording
  • Rugged metal housing with changeable faceplates for a variety of color combinations and customization

MiCreator Studio, which includes the single microphone/interface unit, is priced at $199 and is a compact and flexible solution, suitable for most users. The system includes a condenser microphone, line input, onboard controls, and expansion options.


Panasonic PTZ Cameras to improve athletes' performances

Panasonic Connect Europe’s AW-UE150 and AW-UE100 PTZ cameras have been embraced by the research team at the IDLab at Ghent University-imec in Belgium. The use of cameras for capturing athletes' performances during training and competition analysis has often been plagued by inadequate equipment, insufficient resources, and the need for additional personnel. In this innovative collaboration with Panasonic, Ghent University can now automate the capture of high-speed athletic performances.

The selection of Panasonic's UE150 and UE100 PTZ cameras was a strategic choice, thanks to their adaptability and superior control when it comes to both horizontal and vertical rotation. The UE100 model, in particular, features a direct drive motor that provides smooth pan and tilt movements, low noise, high-resolution image capture, and installation flexibility, making it an ideal solution for in-depth sports analysis. 

The UE150 offers high-quality video production, zoom capabilities, and expansive shooting angles. Its compatibility with the UE100 makes it a perfect complement for sports analysis in stadium environments. These PTZ cameras can be seamlessly integrated with timing loop technology, a crucial asset for track cycling, allowing coaches to automatically capture video footage of athletes without the need for a dedicated camera operator.

For more information on Panasonic’s work on this research study with Ghent University here.


Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for RED KOMODO-X

Wooden Camera is now accepting pre-orders for their Elite Accessory System designed specifically for the RED KOMODO-X. This comprehensive collection offers to a wide range of users, offering both an Elite System for those seeking a full cinematic setup and a Core System for those who prefer to start with the essentials. The system features a mix of new accessories all designed for the KOMODO-X.

"This camera packs an unprecedented punch in a tiny package," stated Dominick Aiello, Senior Director of Accessories at Wooden Camera. "So we designed a modular accessory system that allows crews to augment the compact camera body dynamically into a full-fledged cinematography system without compromising size or weight."

Key highlights of the Elite Accessory System include:

  • ARCA Baseplate: The ARCA Baseplate is engineered for dual 15mm rods and ensures the optimal lens height for studio-style setups. It comes with a quick-release lever, ideal for the ARCA Riser. The baseplate also features a Bridge Plate Dovetail compatible with both 15mm and 19mm Bridge Plates.

    Cage System:
    Designed to work at the top of the camera body and the added Side Rails, the Cage System provides essential mounting points on the rear and sides of the camera. This enhances configurations and offers a solid foundation for attaching camera accessories. The built-in Accessory Rail Clamp allows for quick releases of compatible accessories such as Accessory Plates or the B-Box. The Top Cheese Plate facilitates direct connectivity to the camera, enabling options like the Ultra Handle RED Riser with its 3-pin run-stop feature or expanded rigging possibilities with the Rigging Top Plate.

    Ultra Handle System:
    A modular, integrated system with a riser that allows the camera's contacts to pass a 3-pin connector with trigger capability through the handle. This enables third-party options for starting and stopping camera recording. The system includes a ¼”-20 Support Bracket for added stability and a non-slip 4” Handle with durable Bocote hardwood inserts for comfort. The Handle offers two pass-through holes for accessing the mounting bracket with the Hex Wrench while the handle is attached. The Ultra Handle System also provides two 3” Handle Extensions, a 1” Extension, a Right Angle Extension, and 24 color rings in red, blue, green, and yellow.

    The D-Box offers hot swap capabilities when powered via the DC-In or an onboard battery. It includes an additional 12V 2-pin, a D-tap port, and 3-pin 24V power options. When connected to the camera's EXT port, Run/Stop functionality is enabled on both the D-Box and the B-Box. The assistant's side of the camera features a DC-In port for additional power sources like block batteries, along with an EXT Out option for passing on connectivity options to a B-Box.

    Side Grips:
    These lightweight grips come equipped with cold shoe mounts at the top of each handle for accessories such as microphones. The grips also feature ⅜”-16 and ¼”-20 mounting points on the outside for additional accessory mounting.

The Core Accessory System retails for $873.00 and the Elite Accessory System retails for $1,999.00. You can find both of them here.


CORSAIR Launches K70 CORE Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR, a provider of high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, announced the launch of its new keyboard: the K70 CORE. The keyboard introduces CORSAIR MLX Red linear switches, an ultra-responsive mechanical switch that offers keypresses ideally suited for keyboard enthusiasts and gamers. Factory pre-lubrication ensures that each keystroke switch is tightly constructed to reduce stem wobble. 

The keyboard’s multi-function rotary dial can adjust RGB brightness, scroll through webpages, and zoom. Next to the dial is a programmable button for controlling media. CORSAIR iCUE software unlocks the keyboard’s full power, enabling to customize per-key RGB backlighting, program macros, remap keys, and more. The K70 CORE delivers on high-caliber durability and design. CORSAIR Red switches reside in a robust aluminum top plate and double-shot keycaps. 

The CORSAIR K70 CORE gaming keyboard is available at €99.00


Grass Valley

Grass Valley introduces a range of production switcher bundles tailored for sports, entertainment, news, and other high-audience events worldwide. This development includes freshly redesigned Kayenne modular Video Production Center surfaces with the K-FrameTM XP video processing engines, reaffirming Grass Valley's commitment to catering to broadcasters and media & entertainment entities of all scales,. 

Listening closely to user feedback and drawing inspiration from the Kayenne design heritage, Grass Valley has introduced touch-sensitive areas, enhanced tactile feedback for 8-keyer recall buttons, new Panel Control and Menu Control Units, as well as readily available standardized cabling. These additions not only pave the way for future customer-driven operational enhancements but also come with a reduced price tag.

Although the Kayenne K-Frame XP bundles are designed for larger productions, Grass Valley ensures compatibility with panels like KoronaTM and Karerra, irrespective of the K-Frame variant (CXP, SXP, low-cost V-series) or software-based switcher powered by AMPP. This flexibility, combined with a growth-oriented roadmap, ensures adaptability when needed.

In addition, K-Frame engines can now be equipped with a JPEG XS board, offering advanced IP inputs and outputs tailored to user requirements. This complements the native JPEG-XS support already present in Grass Valley LDX 100 series cameras and the latest C135 compact camera.

Grass Valley's new production switcher bundles set a promising course for enhancing live production experiences on a global scale, providing users with innovative solutions that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the media and entertainment industry.

For more information, visit Grass Valley.

Digital Camera Systems launches LDT-F1

Digital Camera Systems announces the LDT-F1, a groundbreaking video processing unit that revolutionises celluloid film production. The LDT-F1 addresses the pain points of traditional celluloid workflows, offering increased on-set monitoring options aligning it with the digital film-making experience, coupled with DCS’ production-proven lens data recording system, all in one package. 

Key features:

  • Custom Anamorphic De-Squeeze: The LDT-F1 provides a custom ratio de-squeeze for the video tap when using  anamorphic lenses, providing accurate on-set image representation on monitors during production.
  • Customisable Framelines: With the LDT-F1, directors, DOPs, and other team members can access real-time customisable framelines, enabling precise composition evaluation and informed decision-making on set.
  • Real-time Data Display: The LDT-F1 displays immediate information such as timecodes, clip details, and camera file renaming, empowering the entire production team with crucial data.
  • Streamlined Workflow for Post-Production: The LDT-F1 records and captures frame-by-frame lens metadata, facilitating post-production VFX work.
  • Compatibility with Major Film Cameras: The LDT-F1 is compatible with all major film cameras, making it a versatile and adaptable tool for various production setups. 

Find out more about LDT-F1 here.


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