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News roundup: FXLION, Maxon, INOVATIV, Fotodiox and K-Tek

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This week we cover news from FXLION, Maxon, INOVATIV, Fotodiox and K-Tek.

New FXLION NANO wireless V-Mount batteries for filmmakers

FXLION has just released a new version of its NANO batteries - the NANO wireless. The FXLION NANO wireless lineup consists of three models, similar to the previous generation: the NANO ONE wireless, NANO TWO Wireless, and NANO THREE wireless. They are all 14.8V V-Mount batteries ranging from 50Wh to 150Wh. The maximum power output of the USB-C port is 60W, and the maximum load is 20A/3V. You can charge the batteries via the USB-C port without a dedicated V-Mount battery charger.

As the name says, the NANO wireless has a built-in wireless charger. This charger is on the front panel, allowing you to charge your phone with a maximum power output of 15W.

  • The NANO ONE wireless has one D-Tap output, one USB-C power input/output port, one USB-A output, and one micro-USB power input
  • The NANO TWO wireless and NANO THREE wireless feature two D-Tap outputs, one USB-C power input/output port, and one USB-A output 

The NANO ONE wireless will be sold for $189, the NANO TWO wireless for $269, and the NANO THREE for $375. Find resellers here.

Maxon One new features and performance enhancements

Maxon, has announced significant updates to several products included in the company's Maxon One subscription. 

Redshift now allows for easier randomization thanks to the new Jitter Node, introduces a new MatCap Shader Node for creating stylized materials, makes better use of multiple CPU cores and adds support for Maya 2024 on Mac systems.

Trapcode power users benefit from substantially expanded creative possibilities thanks to new child inheritance options that allow the type, size and opacity values of child particles to be driven by the attributes of their parent particle. Three new gradient interpolation models enable motion graphics artists to explore different styles and leave a lasting impact on their audience. Additionally, a new Bounce Ground Plane makes it easier than ever for VFX and motion graphics artists to set up an infinite bounce surface with height and rotation controls.

Forger introduces a well-rounded set of new tools for modeling circular details, drawing pipe-like sweeps or turning profiles using a lathe and adds a complete lighting toolset that now includes Area and IES lights.

Capsules drop continues to add value for subscribers of Maxon One and Cinema 4D, with a selection of realistic Redshift glass materials and another pack of high-quality Laubwerk plant assets.

Find out more here.


Photo credit Maxon, Artist Roland Hartmann

INOVATIV's new Monitor Handle

The INOVATIV Monitor Handle is a VESA-compliant carrying solution for monitors with VESA hole patterns of either 100mm x 100mm or 75mm x 75mm - including both production monitors and computer monitors. The Monitor Handle is recommended for use with VESA hole patterns located in the mid to upper portion of the monitor, making it suitable for popular monitor brands such as Flanders or Eizo. Maximum load capacity is 55lb (25kg).

The INOVATIV Monitor handle is available here for $119.

Fotodiox Cine Edition Fusion lens adapters for Canon RF and L-Mount cameras

Fotodiox has just introduced a new Cine Edition Fusion Lens series of four lens adapters that allow you to mount Canon EF glass on either Canon RF or Leica L-mount camera bodies. There are two versions available: with or without an internal Vari ND filter. The biggest selling point of these adapters, over their “non-Cine” counterparts, is the addition of a breech-lock mounting mechanism, similar to that of the ARRI PL mount system, that should provide a secure connection with no play between the lens and the camera.

These adaptors come with electronic pins to make sure they support aperture control as well as autofocus and optical stabilization functions. All four models feature an all-metal construction with chrome-plated brass mounts and a removable Arca-Swiss tripod foot at the bottom.

The Standard versions of the new Fotodiox Cine Edition Fusion lens adapters retail for $399.95. Find the adapters here.

K-Tek intros "lighter" Essential Boom Pole

K-Tek adds a new option to its line of Avalon telescoping poles - KC108 – K-Tek Essential Pole 9′. The new boom pole is designed for professional content creators and sound boom operators. K-Tek introduces the 5-Section Essential Boompole (KC108) which collapses to a compact 29.5″ (74.9 cm) and extends to 9 feet (275 cm).

The Essential is a lightweight pole useful for novice boom operators to hone their skills and for tight-budget crews to benefit from professional-style gear. The KC108 boom pole weighs just 1.2 pounds (544 g) featuring a 3/8″-16 male thread fixed top attachment for external cabling and anodized surface collars which provide a firm grip and smooth feel when engaging. 

The KC108 Essential Avalon Boom pole has an MSRP of $199.99. Find out more here.

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