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News roundup: DJI, VILTROX, SmallRig, Canon, Laowa and Tashan

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This week we look at news from DJI, VILTROX, SmallRig, Canon, Laowa and Tashan.

DJI takes flight with new DJI Goggles Integra and DJI RC Motion 2

DJI has introduced DJI Goggles Integra and DJI RC Motion 2, which are both the latest way to interact with DJI Avata. With advanced micro-OLED screen displays, ultra-low-latency DJI O3+ video transmission, and integrated design, DJI Goggles Integra are billed as providing an integrated and immersive flying experience. With the new DJI RC Motion 2, meanwhile, users gain added features to enhance flight control.

FPV Goggles merge the headband and battery into one allowing users to take the goggles on and off with ease. The built-in battery headband is light and comfortable, lasting up to two hours of operating time. Two HD 1080p Micro-OLED screens deliver up to 700 nits of brightness. A 100 Hz refresh rate and TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, provide a comfortable viewing experience. DJI O3+ video transmission features ultra-low 30 ms latency and stable video transmission for high-speed aerial photography.

DJI RC Motion 2 features motion-sensing technology and an upgraded joystick, so all users can easily navigate and maneuver the skies. RC Motion 2 has a joystick and accelerator with a reverse function to support multidirectional flight, including vertical, backward, and sideways, making it easier to adjust the direction or choose a suitable place to land. 


DJI Goggles Integra and DJI RC Motion 2 are available for purchase now from authorized retailers and DJI store in several configurations:
  • DJI Goggles Integra is available for £579
  • DJI RC Motion 2 is available for £159
  • DJI Avata Pro-View Combo (DJI RC Motion 2) includes DJI Goggles 2, DJI RC Motion 2, and DJI Avata and is available for £1249
  • The DJI Avata Explorer Combo includes DJI Goggles Integra, DJI RC Motion 2, and DJI Avata and is available for £1,099

VILTROX releases Snowpeak BV-99

VILTROX has just released its first-ever V-mount battery, the Snowpeak BV-99. This  50x75x115mm unit weighs 550g and is a compact 14.8V V-mount lithium battery with a capacity of 99Wh (6700 mAh). The battery offers two D-Tap input (16.8V/5A) and output ports (11-16.8V / 10A). It comes with a USB Type-A output as well as a bi-directional USB-C port for 45W fast charging. With a front LCD screen, you can monitor voltage and the remaining battery life.

The new VILTROX Snowpeak BV-99 V-mount battery is available for £137.

SmallRig P200 Bi-Color LED Light Panel

SmallRig has introduced a new P200 Bi-Color LED Light panel that is designed for content creators. This compact, lightweight, and portable light is suitable for live streaming, photography, and conferencing. Its physical dimensions are 10 x 6.9 x 0.6″/25.4 x 17.4 x 1.6 cm and it is 18mm thick. It weighs just 0.9 lb/400g since it is made out of plastic.

The fixture features 192 LEDs and it draws just 15W. The CCT range is 2500K-6500K and features nine lighting effects. You can power out this LED light via an 18W power adapter with USB-C input or a Sony-style NPF lithium-ion battery. The USB-C port supports power banks and V-mount batteries if you need to run the light for long periods of time.

The SmallRig P200 Bi-Color LED Light Panel is available in two versions: the US version retails for $65.99 and the universal version is $55.99


Canon’s latest EOS R System firmware updates

Canon Europe has yet more firmware updates, this time for the EOS R3 and EOS R5. These help make capturing fast-moving subjects is easier than before with Panning Assist and new features are coming to its Mobile File Transfer app, making it even more user-friendly and adaptable to workflows.

The Panning Assist function is unique to Canon, and manes that image stabilisation and subject blur correction can be applied during exposure. This improves the number of successful panning shots a photographer can capture, while using shutter speeds up to two stops slower than previously possible and maintaining the ability to retain sharp details. EOS R3 users can also pre-register up to 10 people so that their faces can be detected and tracked based on a priority set in the camera.

Both the v1.40 firmware update for the EOS R3 and the v1.81 firmware for the EOS R5 enable images transferred via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to be automatically protected. This is particularly important for freelance photographers, who can now streamline their workflows and easily identify which images they’ve already transmitted when they download the card to their laptops.

The firmware updates are available via the Canon camera connect app or via the support site: www.canon.co.uk/support/

Laowa intros the Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF lens

The Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF is a modern take on the classic and versatile 28mm focal length. Having fantastic optical performance even at f/1.2, it works both in the day or low-light situations. Weighing only 562g, this compact lens is equipped with a 62mm filter thread. The slightly wider AoV is great for doing street, landscape, astrophotography, and portraits.

You can purchase the Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 from their online store for $599.00 or from CVP for £669 inc VAT.

Tashan introduces its Rugged RGB Power Panels

The Tashan RGB Power Panel is said to redefine the limits for modern LEDs. Tashan uses the same TIR lens and MCOB chip design, tightened to a 22º angle, and compacts it all into a 2x2 or 2x3 form factor. Getting a focused beam without sacrificing intensity has been a challenge for LEDs, but the Tashan 1500C claims an output of 252,000lx @1m/ 3.3′ when set at 5600K. The smaller 1000X 2×2 panel has a claimed output of 181,600lx @1m/ 3.3′ when set at 5600K.

Both Tashan panels feature an IP65 rating, so they can be used outdoors in different weather conditions. Both the 1000C and the 1500C without their yoke frame weigh 34kg / 74.95 lb and 43kg / 94.79.

Tashan Rugged LED light


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