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News roundup: CineArray, Wooden Camera, Pixotope, Wise, Digital Anarchy, and Ikan Corp

Why use one RED camera when you can use eight? The latest CineArray rig
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Why use one RED camera when you can use eight? The latest CineArray rig

This week we look at news from CineArray, Wooden Camera, Pixotope, Wise, Digital Anarchy and Ikan Corp.

CineArray debuts with state-of-the-art 8-camera RED-based array

CineArray’s latest state-of-the-art 8-camera cinematic array is based around 8x RED V-Raptors mounting Zeiss CP.3 lenses.

Multi-camera arrays are, of course, used primarily to generate immersive environments for 360-degree viewing, backgrounds for LED volumes, and specialist VFX shots, and, as a result, need to operate in very high resolutions. The 8x RED V-Raptors are coupled with 8x equally high-end Zeiss CP.3 XD 21mm T/2.9 compact prime lenses, chosen for their combination of optimum image quality as well as lightweight and compact design. 

It was made possible thanks to the work of CVP and specialist asset finance house CVF.

“This is not your standard piece of film equipment; it’s a high-spec rig for a specialised market and, without working with companies such as CVP and CVF that understand the business and the way it operates, building the RED Raptor rig would have been much harder,” comments Dani Rose, Director and Chief Pilot, CineArray.

Find more about CineArray here.


Photo credit CVP/CineArray

Wooden Camera's new and versatile Accessory Plate Systems

Wooden Camera has a new collection of Accessory Plate Systems that add secure mounting points in a variety of sizes and mounting options for rig optimization. The collection includes Cheese Plates, Hook-and-Loop Plates, Rail Mounts, and a variety of Hinges and Clamps. Here are the details:

The Accessory Plates come in various sizes: a 5x5” plate, a 3x5” plate, a 2x5” plate and a 2x2” plate. All sizes of these plates are being offered in either a Cheese Plate or Hook-and-Loop format. Each has a variety of mounting holes on the front, back and sides for use with any Mini Rail Accessory.

Available in 100mm, 60mm and 40mm sizing options, the Mini Rails act as mounting rails for the Accessory Plates. The plates have a variety of mounting positions on the front, back, and side where you can vertically or horizontally mount a Mini Rail straight onto the plates. 

The Universal Accessory Hinge and Clamp system is a combination of mounting accessories offering a ⅜”-16 mount with movable pins and a 90-degree tilt for your accessory plates using the rail mounts. 

The Dual Rod Clamp is a 15mm, lightweight rod mount that includes 4x 3/8”-16 mounts with pinholes built into the middle of the accessory. Paired with a Universal Hinge system, users can quickly add a battery plate using a 2x5” Cheese Plate for example, giving the camera system an easily tilt-able option from the top or bottom rails on the build.

The Offset Bracket uses a ⅜”-16 with mounting pins that give users an additional mounting point that ties directly into the camera or camera cage. With this bracket, users are able to offset accessories without the need for bulky or obtrusive options.

Customize your own system here.


All things to all people: the Wooden Camera Accessory Plate Systems

Pixotope partners up with Husson University

Pixotope's educational and community-building initiative designed to help enable the next generation of virtual production talent has just partnered up with Husson University in Bangor, Maine.  As the first US-based education program partner, the addition of Husson marks the program’s expansion across the Atlantic, further meeting the growing demand for virtual production expertise by providing access to the necessary technology and industry experts. Other Pixotope Education Program partners already include England’s University of Gloucestershire, the Netherlands’ Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Italy’s Apulia Digital Maker, Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and Taiwan’s Hsing Wu University.  

Husson though is unique in that it is the only university in the state to offer a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in extended reality (XR) in their School of Technology and Innovation. The XR degree prepares students for various careers in extended reality with a focus on XR software development, 3-D drafting and modeling, XR systems, XR research and development, and more.

Find out more about Pixotope's Education Program here.


Wise Advanced launches new CFexpress Type A card

Wise Advanced enters the CFexpress Type A market with standard 512GB media and PRO 160GB media. The standard 512GB media provides speed for Alpha videographers to record without worrying about running out of space. The PRO version 160GB media provides more than enough sustained write speed and advanced data recording technology for professional filmmakers who need an extra layer of protection.

Engineered for Sony Alpha and FX lines, both the standard and PRO media unlock the full potential of the cameras, supporting all video codecs including the slow-and-quick modes in finest HD / 4K in XAVC S-I format which requires up to 890 and 1200 Mbps respectively.

Both cards are available for $249.99.

Digital Anarchy offers new data-driven visualization tools 

Digital Anarchy has a brand new tool for video editors in the shape of its new DataStoryteller. DataStoryteller is a set of two new plugins that substantially simplify the creation of animated charts and map visualizations for video production. It enables video editors to upload Excel or CSV files, select a chart type, and animate one or multiple data sets with minimum effort. This makes it easier to create anything from simple animated charts to more complex data-driven visualizations.

Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller is available immediately and is priced at  $199 and is available for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro. Find out more here.

Ikan Corp's latest White Star 

Ikan Corp has released its new White Star 6″ Bi-Color Fresnel 300 Watt LED Light. With a 6″ Fresnel lens and a potent 300W LED, the light offers performance across diverse applications. Users can opt for color temperatures from 2800K to 6500K, with a 97 CRI for color renderings, and adjust the beam angle from 25 to 65 degrees via the rotating focus knob. Due to its cooling system, it maintains optimal temperature which makes it suitable for studio use. 

The White Star 6" Bi-Color Fresnel 300 Watt LED Light is available for $1,599



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