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News roundup: Adobe Firefly, ZHIYUN, Portrait Displays, Atomos

Adobe Firefly
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Adobe Firefly

This week we look at news from Adobe FireFly, ZHIYUN, Portrait Displays, and Atomos.

Adobe Firefly Expands Globally

Adobe has announced the global expansion of Firefly, its family of creative generative AI models, to now support text prompts in over 100 languages. With Firefly users can across the world generate images and text effects using their native languages in the standalone Firefly web service. The service will also be localised in 20 languages with versions included such as French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Firefly has now reached millions of new users that can confidently generate content that is designed to be safe for commercial use. Users have already generated over one billion assets on the Firefly website and in Photoshop, making these two of Adobe’s most successful beta releases in the company’s history. You can now find Firefly integration in Photoshop, Express and Illustrator. 

ZHIYUN announces MOLUS G200 and FIVERAY V60 Professional Filmmaking Lights

ZHIYUN has announced two new lightweight, film-grade prosumer additions to its existing lighting ranges; the MOLUS G200 and the FIVERAY V60. These new professional lighting tools offer power, portability, and reliability, with ZHIYUN’s proprietary DYNAVORT cooling technology which prevents overheating and flickering. 

ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is a powerful palm-sized 200W COB light source for live streaming, interviews, portrait photography, and commercial ad shoots. It is compact in size (127mm x 67.5mm x 225mm), and weighs only 2.209kg. The one-press MAX Extreme mode boosts 300W of power and it comes with a separate 0.91g controller with two interactive buttons, a rope and a display screen. The MOLUS G200 kit includes: MOLUS G200 COB light; G200 Power adapter; Power cable; ZHIYUN standard reflector; Quick start guide and storage bag. MOLUS G200 is priced at $379 here.


The ZHIYUN FIVERAY V60, 60W light wand follows a new benchmark size for portable stick lights at 450mm x 46mm x 47mm and 891g. With a compact display screen, users can view parameters with ease, and adjust them with its dial. For more intense lighting, simply switch to MAX mode by connecting the V60 to a 24V DC power adapter for an instant power surge of up to 100W. The FIVERAY V60 kit includes: V60 Light Wand, USB type C cable, Quick start guide, storage bag, Power adapter, Adapter pouch, Barndoors, Diffuser, Grid, Modifier Manual The ZHIYUN FIVERAY V60 is priced at: $199 and $249 (combo) here.


Portrait Displays announces Calman-ready reference monitor partnership with SmallHD

Portrait Displays has partnered up with SmallHD to introduce the first Calman-ready reference monitors. This changes the calibration process for professionals in the film industry.

As part of the Calman-ready family, SmallHD displays possess the ability to directly communicate with Portrait Displays' Calman color calibration software, enabling quick and precise calibration and minimal downtime. This means users can achieve consistent color accuracy throughout the entire production process. By loading the Look Up Table (LUT) onto the calibrated monitor, all members of the creative team, from on-set to post-production, can make color-critical decisions based on consistent visual representation.
Photo credit Portrait Displays

Atomos launches new AtomX Cast desktop app

Atomos has released the AtomX CAST desktop app. When combined with the latest firmware, AtomOS 10.93.00 for Ninja V and Ninja V+, it provides a whole new control panel for the Ninja Cast.

Available for Mac or PC, the app gives users more screen real estate to work with and unlocks even more functionality - for example, AI-assisted, automatic color matching. By aligning camera inputs using one input as a reference, this unique feature quickly and accurately fixes the problem of differently color-balanced camera feeds.

When you combine a Ninja V/V+ and AtomX Cast, it becomes the Ninja Cast, a stand-alone switcher, multiview monitor and broadcast quality recorder. All Ninja Cast’s functions are replicated in the app, and all settings and changes in the app are applied to Ninja Cast instantly.


Photo credit Atomos

ZHIYUN launches CRANE 4 gimbal

One more from ZHIYUN: the CRANE 4 gimbal. This new premium camera gimbal features include built-in balance indicator lights at each motor providing an at-a-glance indicator of their balance calibration status. Meanwhile, Bluetooth connectivity provides direct shutter control to supporting cameras, removing the possibility of a cable in the way, dislodging, or becoming lost. Operators can easily start/stop recording, and trigger photo capture remotely.

The CRANE 4 lifts and moves heavier full-frame DSLR and compact cinema cameras, such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, ZCAM, and SIGMA FP series, more accurately. An integrated 1.22-inch color touchscreen allows the operator to easily see and adjust the CRANE 4’s functions such as balance, operating mode and see real-time status information. Four high-capacity 18650 batteries provide up to 12 hours runtime and can be fully recharged in under two hours via USB PD fast charging. 

The CRANE 4 is available in two sets: CRANE 4 for $699 and CRANE 4 Combo (with MasterMove accessories and storage bag) for $749.


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