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News roundup: Maxima LED, Vū, Angelbird, & Zhong Yi Optics

CUBE Studio
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CUBE Studio

Our latest news roundup covers a new light from Maxima LED, lens from Zhong Yi Optics, storage for storage from Angelbird, and Vū Studio Network's expansion into Europe.

Maxima 3 Mark II is here

Maxima LED has announced its new Maxima 3 Mark II,  featuring a 50% reduction in noise and a 20% increase in light output over the first generation. This comes with no added running costs since the power draw of Maxima remains the same (at a mere 290 W). It comes with a color accuracy of 98.6 CRI and 100 TLCI score and a rich, flat, consistent color spectrum without deviation from the white point.

Maxima LED also offers Mark II Update Program where it will upgrade your unit to the Mark II hardware and software with a renewed warranty period of 2 years.


Vū expands Virtual Production Studio Network to Europe

Vū has announced that it is expanding the Vū Studio Network beyond North America, partnering with Cube, a video production agency based in London, to launch Cube Studio, Powered by Vū. CUBE Studio, a brand new 6,500 square-foot, state-of-the-art virtual production studio, will open its doors in April 2023, and will provide a full-service solution for advertising agencies, production houses, enterprise businesses and film and TV. Located just outside of London, CUBE Studio combines innovative LED volume technology with industry-leading game engines, camera-tracking, graphic servers and premium facilities.

“Located in the heart of the UK film and TV district, and a stone’s throw from many of the leading agencies, we’re excited to deliver the very latest innovations in production and position CUBE Studio at the forefront of the industry. Together, we’re building the bridge between Europe and America and setting the global industry standard for virtual production, allowing crews and talent to receive the same premium experience across the Atlantic,” said James Hakesley, CEO of CUBE Studio.


Angelbird Media Tank Case for memory cards

Angelbird's new Media Tank memory card case for secure storage and protection for up to four Memory Cards. Media Tank is available in three different types of card formats: Media Tank SD, Media Tank CFast and Media Tank CFexpress Type B.

Key features:
  • Durable hard-aluminum case (dust, splash-resistant, shock, ESD, and x-ray proof)
  • Precision-cut foam inserts for a firm hold and protection against scratching, bending, or breaking of sensitive memory card components
  • Generous finger grooves for easy card access
  • Lock-Solid™ locking mechanism 
  • Double ring for carabiner or padlock
  • Free custom engraving option
  • Lightweight, pocket-sized case design
  • Findable color


Zhong Yi Optics releases Mitakon 65mm f/1.4

Zhong Yi Optics has announced the new Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4. This is the company's first f/1.4 fast option for Hasselblad's X system, offering enhanced low light capabilities and greater control over depth of field. With a medium format coverage of 65mm, the lens provides a 50mm field of view and is constructed with high-quality ultra-low dispersion elements for detailed images.

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4 lens is available now here for $599.


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