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New tools and techniques with Frame.io

1 minute read

Frame.io had some rather powerful new features unveiled just before IBC. Have a look in another video from the Amsterdam showfloor and the Adobe stand.  

Jason Druss, Product Manager, Frame.io, gives us a speedy run down of all the new features in Frame.io. And it has to be speedy as there are a lot of them and we only have a little over five minutes.

He runs us through the new Storage Connect (“…the capability for our enterprise customers to attach their own pre-existing AWS s3 storage buckets directly to Frame.io.”), camera-to-cloud, and the support for the new Fujifilm GFX 100 II, but let’s major on the new capabilities to compare not just video side-by-side but a whole lot more — and with full commenting and annotation, too.

“Comparing two assets side by side with frame IO for review and approval is one of our customers’ favourite ways to do A/B comparisons and to really look at the fine nuances between multiple revisions of edits, colour grades, audio mixes, and photography and design work as well,” he says. “And we're happy to say now that we can compare any two kinds of assets side by side in Frame.io. We can compare two video assets, two PDF assets, audio assets, or image assets side by side in Frame.io with access to comments and annotations, which is a huge net new improvement over the state of comparing assets in Frame.io.”

Take a look at that and a whole lot more below.


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