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News roundup: New releases from DJI, Tilta, Portkeys, & Godox

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This week we have new hardware from DJI, Tilta, Portkeys, Godox that is all worthy of your attention.

DJI makes Mavic 3 more accessible with Mavic 3 Classic

The new Mavic 3 Classic features the same 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel camera, 46-minute maximum flight time, and O3+ transmission system as the original Mavic 3 drone, but without an additional telephoto lens. This enables more creators to have access to the possibilities this drone offers.

For video work, the camera captures up to 5.1K/50 fps, 4K/60 fps and 1080p/60fps using H.264 and H.265 encoders. In slow-motion applications, the Mavic 3 Classic captures video at 4K/120fps and 1080p/200fps. The interface is simple, easy to learn and customiseable for controls. The drone never has to be connected to the internet during flight, and transmission systems are encrypted for both the drone’s video signals and its flight controls.

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic is available for purchase today from store.dji.com and authorized retail partners.


Tilta Camera Cage for Sony VENICE 2

Tilta has just introduced a new set of mechanical and electronic accessories that are specifically designed for the Sony VENICE 1 and 2. Let’s look at their new features.

Since the form factor of the VENICE 2 is slightly more compact and lighter and features a fully flat bottom design, Tilta has a whole new set of mechanical and electronic add-ons for the VENICE 2 - but it is also compatible with the original VENICE. The new set of add-ons includes a top plate, a top handle, two side arms, a 15mm LWS baseplate, four 15mm rods (30 and 15cm), and a battery plate for both V-mount and Gold mount options.


Image credit: Tilta

'All mechanical parts are aluminum, weighing about 1.9kg as a full set. Several other holes with locating pins for mounting additional accessories are provided on the top plate, top handle, and side arms. Tilta has kept the top plate compatible with the original one for user-friendliness. The position of the top handle is adjustable with an optional extension for grip extension.

The new kit also improves the power options. With the V-mount or Gold Mount plate attached to the back of the camera, it can be connected to two 3-pin Fischer R/S ports (24V and 14.8V) as well as a 2-pin 14.8V power outlet. A dedicated 4-pin male to 4-pin female cable allows the connection to the rear battery plate and the top plate integrating the three 14.8V outputs.

Find out more here.

Portkeys PT6 live streaming assist monitor

Portkeys has announced its new Portkeys PT6 live streaming assist monitor which features a 5.2-inch 1920×1080 600nit IPS screen that covers 100% of DCI-P3.

The monitor has an HDMI input that accepts signals up to UHD30p and an HDMI output that can handle up to 108060p. In addition to the HDMI input, there is a USB-A port for firmware updates and uploading LUTs. You can power this monitor via Canon LP-E6 battery, or a Sont NP-F battery, but it comes also with a 7-24V DC input.

The monitor is currently available for preorder at $169.

Godox S60-Bi Compact LED Lights

Godox has released a new version of its compact, lightweight, and focusable LED light the Godox S60-Bi. Let's look at the features this light comes with.

The light beam of the S60-Bi goes from 6 to 55 degrees with the adjustable know in the back. If you are looking to project the light onto a specific detail or object, you can focus the light at its extreme. The S60-Bi lights around 3,200 Lux at 1 metre in flood mode and 40,000 Lux when spotted with an option to dim the light between 0-100%. It also comes with 8 preset lighting FX including a thundery sky, or the TV screen flickering. To avoid any sound disturbance, you can turn off the fan in silent mode when needed.

The Godox S60-Bi has a ballast that can be powered via AC or V-Mount batteries. It is compatible with the Godox Light app for remote control and the optional RC-A6 remote controller. The Godox S60-Bi is currently priced at $459. It comes with a light head, ballast, a barndoor set, power/connect cables, and a wrench.



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