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New lenses roundup: Glass from NiSi, GL Optics, OM Systems, and Samyang

The new  NiSi ATHENA primes: Priced starting at $5798, for all five lenses and a hard case
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The new NiSi ATHENA primes: Priced starting at $5798, for all five lenses and a hard case

The lens market seems to be particularly fecund at the moment. Heath McKnight rounds up some of the newest releases across a range of styles and types.

There is a wide variety of lenses available, and not just based on mounts, but the style and type as well, i.e., cinema, zoom, prime, wide angle, etc. We’re going to dive into some new options that cover the gamut: Cinema primes, MFT, and even a rehoused Laowa 10mm from GL Optics.

Full-Frame NiSi ATHENA PRIME Cinema Lens Set


The ATHENA PRIME cinema full-frame lens set from NiSi includes five fast lenses with a 46mm imaging circle and a hard case:

  • 14mm at T2.4
  • 25mm at T1.9
  • 35mm at T1.9
  • 50mm at T1.9
  • 85mm at T1.9

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable set of cine primes, the NiSi ATHENA PRIME set is a good option. You’ve got a good variety of focal lengths, from ultra-wide 14mm to 85mm, and they’re pretty fast at T1.9 to T2.4. You’re also getting smooth bokeh and plenty of mount options: PL, RF, E, E (no drop-in filter), G, and L.

Priced starting at $5798 for all five lenses and a hard case, these lenses are a pretty great deal. In a world of cinema primes starting at $15,000 per lens, the full-frame NiSi PRIMEs are a set to consider, and you can buy them individually. Check the site for details.

GL Optics Rehoused, Full-Frame Laowa 10mm T3.1 Cinema Prime


Staying with cinema prime lenses, GL Optics has unveiled a rehoused Laowa 10mm T3.1 full-frame cinema prime with an LPL mount. This is a very wide-angle lens and the first to feature an LPL mount, perfect for creative shots.

The GL Optics rehoused Laowa 10mm T3.1 lens is a bit hefty at 1.4 pounds (0.64kg) but has plenty of other great features: 95mm front diameter, Vistavision image, 170-degree throw, and more.

It’s priced at $2999; learn more here.

OM SYSTEMS M.Zuiko Telephoto and Ultra Wide MFT Lenses


Speaking of ultra-wide lenses (and telephoto), OM SYSTEMS (formerly Olympus) has unveiled two new MFT (micro four-thirds) lenses, the ultra-wide M.Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4-5.6 II and the telephoto M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm f/5-6.3 IS.

The ultra-wide and telephoto zoom lenses are for MFT cameras, including those dedicated to film and video (and OM SYSTEMS’ own cameras), but they are a tad slow at first/4-5.6 and f/5-6.3, respectively. The wide-angle lens features a full-frame equivalent of 18-36mm, and the telephoto has a 300-1200mm equivalent. Both are constructed well, and the wide angle is compact, while the telephoto is more rugged and features Sync Image Stabilization.

Prices are $699 for the ultra-wide angle lens and $2,699 for the telephoto. Again, keep in mind that these are slow lenses compared to what we’ve discussed thus far. Check out the OM SYSTEMS website for more details on these and other M.Zuiko lenses. 

Samyang Cine V-AF 100mm T/2.3 FE Lens


Samyang has announced its new Cine V-AF T/2.3 FE lens, a 100mm, which joins what the company claims is the world’s first series of Cine AF lenses. These lenses, including the new one, are more compact yet reproduce consistent visuals.

The lenses in Samyang’s V-AF Cine set include a 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 75mm, which are all at T/1.9. The 100mm is T2.3 and costs only $699, a bargain for a fast Cine prime. Samyang will also release a wider lens, a 20mm T/1.9, in just a month (March 2024). Visit its site for more information.

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