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New BMPCC 6K Pro cage and MOZA Air 2S gimbal in this week's news roundup

The new MOZA Air 2S gimbal. Image: Gudsen.
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The new MOZA Air 2S gimbal. Image: Gudsen.

This week's news roundup features a new Tokina 25-75mm lens, a new cage for the BMPCC 6K Pro and a brand new one handed gimbal from Gudsen.

New Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 cinema lens announced

The new Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 cinema lens is now available for pre-order with first delivery July 2021. It's a great addition to the Tokina cinema line, which includes the 11-20mm T2.9 and 50-135mm T2.9 cinema lenses.

While in use, the lens stays at T2.9, no matter the focal distance, and minimizes shift, distortion, lens breathing, aberration, etc. It's ideal for the RED DRAGON 6K, KOMODO, etc.; ARRI Amira, Alexa, and Mini; Sony FS-series and FX9; and others. The weight is 2 KG (about 4.4 lbs.), so it can work on a Steadicam, gimbal, etc.

It features 15 groups and 18 elements, with a T-stop up to T22; a minimum focusing distance of .74 meters (2.43 feet); a zoom ratio of 3.0:1; and more. Mounts include PL, MFT, EF, F, and E.

The cost of the Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 cinema lens is $4995 USD; learn more and pre-order from Tokina's site or an authorized dealer.

Wooden Camera Unveils Camera Cage and Accessories for BMPCC 6K Pro

Camera Cage and Accessories for BMPCC 6K Pro

We've been sharing news about a variety of new cages for various cameras, and the benefits, such as easily adding accessories, better grip for handheld, and more. Wooden Camera is one of the popular makers, and have revealed a new cage and accessories for the BMPCC 6K Pro.

The cage is more like half a cage, but the BMPCC 6K Pro fits perfectly, and the camera's handgrip is left free. It features two 3/8" mounting points and a USB-C and HDMI support bracket that can be detached. You can add a top handle, which is sold separately, and features a 3/8" mount.

Other Wooden Camera accessories for the BMPCC 6K Pro include an LW 15mm quick release Baseplate, with 15mm rod support. A Micro Battery Slide Pro (Gold Mount or V-Mount) rounds out the main accessories.

You can purchase the pieces separately from Wooden Camera, or as two kits, including the Unified Accessory Kit for $847, which includes most of what is listed above (except the Micro Battery Slide Pro), and adds two 15mm rods (12 inches each). More kits add more accessories, and can be priced as high as $1526 USD, but has everything you need to get started.

Check out all the BMPCC 6K Pro accessories on Wooden Camera's page.

Gudsen Reveals MOZA Air 2S One-Handed Gimbal

The new one-handed Gimbal from Gudsen is perfect for smaller cameras, such as mirrorless and DSLRs, and is a newer version of the MOZA Air, which debuted in 2019. If you're looking to get some smooth shots, the MOZA Air 2S has you covered.

The MOZA Air 2S features a Smart Micro HandWheel, three-axis lock design, one-step balancing, MOZA Spark Power Supply System 3.0, and much more. You can also add accessories, as it includes an Arri Rosette mount, an M4 mounting hole, and cold shoe extensions. 

The battery will last up to 20 hours, and only takes 2 hours to charge. The MOZA Air 2S can hold a camera, lens, and accessories that weighs between about a pound (500 g) up to about 9.25 lbs. (4200 g).

You can purchase the MOZA Air 2S for $499 USD on Gudsen's site. Download the Air 2S camera compatibility list, and MOZA Master software, here.

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