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Ncam launches a new, smaller Mk2 connection box for real-time camera tracking

The Mk2 Ncam system. Image: Ncam.
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The Mk2 Ncam system. Image: Ncam.

The new Mk2 connection box from Ncam gives camera operators much more mobility by eliminating the need for a camera server.

The Ncam Mk2 Connection Box links the company’s advanced camera tracking bar to any compatible server, whether locally or remotely. The new system makes real-time camera tracking much lighter than before, allowing users far more flexibility and mobility when capturing shots.

The Mk2 Connection Box mounts to either your camera or your belt, and this then links to a server with a lead tether, ethernet or fibre connection. It weighs only 400g, making it much more rig friendly.

The new box is powered by an Intel Atom chipset, which gives the system the power to support third party accessories such as follow focus systems from ZEISS, ARRI, motion, Teradek, and Tilta. Furthermore cost of startup is reduced since there is no longer a requirement to buy the Mk2 Server option, since the Connection Box works with any Ncam compatible server.

The Ncam Mk2 Connection Box is shipping now. For more information visit the Ncam website

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