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NAB 2023 in 59 seconds flat

1 minute read

We round up our NABShow 2023 coverage with a quick highlights video.

So, that's that. We can't promise that we don't still have a few more stories from NAB 2023 to run - a lot happened, and we still haven't cleaned up our email folders after the tsunami just yet - but mostly NAB is now consigned to the history books

Was it a success? Broadly, yes. There weren't as many people attending as organisers hoped and speaking to exhibitors it felt perhaps a bit more regional to the Americas than the truly global occasion it used to be. But they saw people, engaged with crowds, customers bought things, and there was a decent amount of new technology on show, so they're happy. And if all that means that there's more in the tank for IBC in September, then that's all the better.

NAB itself takes place over four days, but we thought we'd save you the majority of that time for other things and deliver its highlights in a mere 59 seconds. Go...


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