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NAB 2022: We talk Video Over IP with Matrox

1 minute read

We continue our video coverage of this year's NAB Show with a look at the latest kit from Matrox, with solutions for live productions and for moving over to Video Over IP.

In this video, Bas Goossens grills Dan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager at Matrox, about what's new at the company, and how things have changed since the pandemic foisted itself upon us.

Video Over IP is a big talking point right now, and Dan takes us through some of the solutions Matrox is offering, such as the new ConvertIP system, which can take SDI or HDMI signals and convert them for transmission over an IP network and vice versa with zero latency and up to 4K in resolution. As Dan points out to us, the system has wider reaching uses than just traditional broadcast users, and can in fact be employed in a wide range of situations.

Dan also takes us through the latest updates to the company's remote production encoders, which are an increasingly important aspect of modern live broadcast and streaming.

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