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NAB 2022: Everything new from Adobe

Adobe at NAB 2022.
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Adobe at NAB 2022.

Bas Goossens talks to Francis Crossman, Senior Product Manager (PR), on the NAB 2022 show floor about what's new for Adobe this year.

Our video coverage from NAB 2022 continues as we speak to Adobe about what they have to offer this year. The focus is on Premiere Pro and After Effects, and we are shown some of the impressive new features that have been enabled by both the Adobe Sensei AI system, as well as the power that has been unleashed through Apple's M1 silicon.

In Premiere Francis demonstrates how the Sensei AI system can now analyse your footage and create the base corrective grade for you, leaving more time for the creative side of the process.

In recent years we've seen AI becoming more commonplace for some of the, shall we say, menial aspects of grading and correction. Whether it will ever fully catch on in the professional colourist sphere remains to be seen, although other examples such as Colourlab Ai show how a breakthrough can be made and adopted across the industry.

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