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Music Vine launches AutoClear to automatically clear YouTube copyright claims

Image: Music Vine.
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Image: Music Vine.

YouTube copyright violations for music you know you have the rights to can be a complete pain. Music Vine has introduced a new automatic clearing system to make such problems a thing of the past.

There’s nothing more frustrating than uploading a video to YouTube only to have a copyright claim for the music you’ve used appear. When you’ve gone to the trouble of purchasing a license for the music in question it’s a problem you really could do without. When YouTube flags up a copyright claim it can be a lengthy wait to get it sorted out in some cases, and if ad revenue is part of your income you can’t enable this income stream until the dispute is settled.

UK based music licensing platform Music Vine has launched a system called AutoClear. The system will automatically identify and then release copyrights within 15 minutes of your video going public.

Music rights are always a complex issue with video, quite often being the problem source for many famous feature films not being available to rent of buy. So anything that can make life easier I this regard is thoroughly welcomed!

Fine out more about the system at Music Vine.

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