MTF Services launch RED KOMODO conversion kit for Fujinon MK Cine Zoom lenses

Written by Heath McKnight

MTF Services has released a conversion kit to allow cinematographers and videographer to use Fujinon MK cine zoom lenses with the new RED KOMODO 6K camera, along with the Canon C70 4K camera.

MTF Services launch conversion kit for Fujinon MK Cine Zoom Lenses for RED KOMODO

The MTF Services conversion kit will allow Fujinon lenses, such as the MK 18-55mm T2.9 and MK 50-135mm T2.9 E-mount, to be used with both cameras, which feature RF mounts. Essentially, the conversion kit adapts these lenses to be used with the RF mount. They say it will cover the Super 35 sensor of the RED KOMODO and Canon C70, in 16x9.

The RED KOMODO and Canon C70 cameras are red hot right now, and the Fujinon MK cine zoom lenses are a great addition to those shooting with these cameras.

MTF Services says the adapted lenses retain everything cinematographers look for with the Fujinon MK cine zooms, like smooth bokeh. The company also says there is practically no lense breathing and are parfocal. They worked with Fujinon to ensure everything works great.

The conversion kit comes with a Replacement collar, MTF stainless steel RF mount, Light baffle, Fixing screws, and Rear lens cap. MTF Services recommends an authorized engineer handle the adapting of the Fujinon MK cine zoom lenses. They do say it’s reversible, but don’t recommend changing out the mounts too often.

Check out the MTF Services website to learn more about the Fujinon MK cine zoom conversion kit, which costs £275.00 for a limited time (or less than $365 USD, not including VAT).

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