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Aputure Releases Lighting Solutions with INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits and Light Storm 600c Pro II

Aputure lights being used on set
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Aputure lights being used on set

Aputure releases the latest advancements in professional lighting with the new INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-Light Kits, offering high-pixel-density linear lights in portable bundles, and the upgraded Light Storm 600c Pro II, featuring nearly double the brightness and IP54 weather resistance.

Do-everything lighting fixture: Light Storm 600c Pro II

The Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II is a versatile, color-tunable point source COB light. Its Bowens mount allows it to be part of a fresnel, soft light, projector, or hard open-face par. With its portable size, dual battery mounts, and CRMX/DMX/Bluetooth connectivity, the LS 600c Pro II is designed to be the 'do-everything' continuous light source suitable for any set conditions.

  • Enhanced Brightness: Up to 85% brighter with modifiers
  • Weatherproofing: Thanks to the new set of seals, the light has IP54 rating for dust and water resistance
  • Compatibility: Works with all Aputure accessories and is controlled via Sidus Link

"Our customers trust Aputure for powerful and reliable lighting. The LS 600c Pro II delivers on those expectations with increased brightness and durability, essential for demanding projects," says Ted Sim, Aputure Co-Founder and President.

LS 600c Pro II is available here for $2,490.00.


Aputure LS 600c Pro II in action

Refresh to the INFINIBAR Line: INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-Light Kits

In addition to the LS 600c Pro II, Aputure announced the release of two new lighting kits in its INFINIBAR line: the INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-Light Kits. These kits bundle Aputure's high-pixel-density linear lights into portable sets available in both two- and four-foot. With a range of new accessories, these kits give you the ease, power, and flexibility for any production needs.


INFINIBAR Connectors

The INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-Light Kits include four INFINIBAR lights packaged in a protective case, making them 50% smaller and lighter than the current 8-Light Kits. This compact design allows for easy transport and setup by a single person. The kits come with additional DC power cables, adapters, and light control grids, all neatly organized in a sturdy rolling hard case.

INFINIBAR Battery Station

To meet the demands of users who asked for more portable options and versatile accessories, Aputure has introduced several new components. These include Passive Connectors for seamless light configurations, a collapsible tripod for vertical setups, a battery power station supporting various V-Mount batteries, and a tilting mounting bracket for flexible positioning. The new 330W Power Adapter Kit simplifies power management on set by enabling users to power up to 20 INFINIBARs with a single adapter.


All the INFINIBAR Accessories' 

Accompanying these product releases, Aputure is also launching an online INFINIBAR Power Wizard, an interactive tool to help users determine the power requirements for their specific INFINIBAR configurations. This tool will guide users through the necessary components and provide direct links for easy purchasing.

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