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Moment releases third-gen T-Series lenses for mobile filmmaking

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The world of smartphone cinematography and photography gets a further boost as Moment releases the all-new T-Series lenses for smartphones including iPhone and Pixel.

Moment’s lenses add more film-like quality and options for mobile filmmakers and photographers. Just as the right lens on a mirrorless camera can elevate the shot, so can a great smartphone lens.

These new, third generation lenses are designed for the latest iPhone’s. The Moment T-Series are completely redesigned lenses from the previous two generations and feature 25% more glass and support larger camera sensors (up to 108 MP). They’re supporting more cameras and even future-proofed the lenses by adding a larger bayonet interface and another element. 

Images are crisper, edge-to-edge, and up to 2x closer in most cases. There are six elements and precision polished, giving an extra low dispersion rate.

The T-Series lenses include 58mm tele, 18mm wide, 14mm fisheye, and 10x macro. Two anamorphic lenses at 1.55x and 1.33x (gold and blue flare) round out the new set of lenses.

You can use the T-Series lenses and iPhone with Pro Camera, a cinematography app from Moment (getting even closer shots), or Filmic Pro.

Moment accessories

You’ll need the special iPhone or Pixel case from Moment to attach a lens and use it properly for your cinematography or photography. When you order a lens, there's an option to buy just the lens or purchase it with a case.

Other accessories include a 67mm lens Mount, 67mm anti-glare CPL filter, T-Series universal mount, weatherproof lens carrying case, and a mobile lenses cleaning pen.

Pricing and availability 

The 58mm costs $199.99, the 18mm will set you back $129.99, and the 14mm and 10x are priced at $119.99 each.  Meanwhile, the anamorphic lenses are each priced at $149.99.

You’ll need Moment’s special case for iPhone or Pixel to attach the lenses, which are priced at $49.99, but there are deals that can knock a few bucks off.

While you’ll be able to get stunning video and still results with your smartphone and a great cinematography app (we've already mentioned two; Pro Camera by Moment or Filmic Pro), the new Moment T-Series lenses really take things to the next level. I’ve seen projects filmed with Moment lenses that look like they were shot on high-end cameras with expensive glass, so they definitely add another string to an already choice-ridden bow.


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